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August 19, 2012
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My Top Ten Couples of All Time by GoldenGirl954 My Top Ten Couples of All Time by GoldenGirl954
Some of these are from now. Many of them are from my old shipping days. They still are dear to me recent or not.
# 10 Chris x Chef from Total Drama Series: The first Total Drama couple I shipped and my first yaoi couple ever. It is so obvious that Chris has a thing for Chef, sorry Sierra
#9 France x England from Hetalia: Even before I watched or even heard of Hetalia, the history between the two countries to me seemed like a jealous, constantly arguing couple. Even on the show, with all the aguring and the fighting, those two act like an old married couple. France even thinks England is attractive (and English VA Michael J Tatum seems to support this couple)
#8 Darkstar x Charmcaster from Ben 10: I shipped this way before it was cannon thanks to :iconinvader-hime: fanfics. The writers seem to be in touch with the fans because they had a whole episode dedicated to those two. My favorite villian x villian pairing.
#7 Salvador x Federico from Little Ashes: I loved the movie and the chemistry between the two characters. Even though in real life the two weren't together romantically, I still ship Salvador and Federico here.
#6 Aang and Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender: Back in the day which was 6th grade, I loved Avatar. I loved the plot, action, characters, and this couple. Many episodes I squealed over the chemistry between the two. I wanted them to kiss so badly. Unfortunately I stopped watching the show after the second season because of the long wait and clifhanger. I heard they got together in the final season.
#5 Simon and Paula from American Idol: Back during my middle school days this was my favorite couple. I loved their silly agruments, the flirting, the occasional kiss or hug. I would look out for those moments every single episode. I wanted them to be together so badly even if they had significant others.
#4 Germany and Italy from Hetalia: My favorite yaoi couple ever and the first couple from Hetalia I shipped. I love the blend of Germany's seriousness with Italy's foolishness and the cute moments they share. I am not going to be surprised if Himaruya puts these two together eventually. (especially if you believe the Germany is HRE theory)
#3 Kevin x Gwen from Ben 10: My OTP for the past 3 years. Ever since the first episode of Alien Force I have supported them. I love the good girl helps the anti hero aspect and the moments they had, especially in Alien Force are so sweet and touching. Even though many are starting to fear for Kevin and Gwen in Omniverse, I hope that they will be just fine and still ship them to the end.
#2 Spongebob and Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants: The second couple I ever shipped in my life. I always felt that Spongebob had a crush on Sandy, even if the creator of Spongebob says he's asexual. When the Spongebob movie came out I wanted it to have a kiss scene between the two. I heard about the wedding episode---too bad they didn't actually kiss.
#1 Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter Series: My first ship and my first OTP ever at the tender age of ten. Reading the books (I saw the movies but they were not the same) I got sucked into Ron and Hermione's chemistry and tension in books 3 and 4 (especially when Ron becomes jealous that Hermione went to the Yule Ball with Victor Krum). I could not wait for them to get together, giggling when they would deny their feelings for each other and hated that in book 6 Ron had Lavender as a girlfriend. Finally Ron and Hermione got together in book 7. I remember being so excited when they kissed for the first time (the movie did not do it justice) I'm not a big Harry Potter fan now, but this couple will always be close to my heart.
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OMG I love number 4
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I'm guessing you like my choices?
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Germany/Italy? Yep.
Ron/Hermione? Yep.
Aang/Katara? Yep.
England/France? Yep.
I don't ship the rest, though.
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