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It's already past midnight
Books are open but your eyes are shut tight

If you don't get a five you won't pass
How much longer you will last?
Your worth is what you need to prove
And you've always played by the rules

But there's a guilt that dwells inside
On how you spend your free time
It is almost sacrilegious
It is almost sacrilegious
Look how they run when you threaten their business

AP Girl with your DBQ
It doesn't take a fool;
To see right through you
Lock the doors and check twice
Strap down and fasten tight
This ride will make you laugh until you cry!

Offer a bit of depth perception
Perhaps a touch of sophistication
You certainly have more class than
The unruly lot that make up the masses

But I've seen the worst you can do
Rival Rome through and through
You're the gladiator at play
The crowd who cheers his name
The emperor manipulating the game

Noble girl, everyone has their vulgar roots!

AP Girl with your DBQ.
It doesn't take a fool
To see right through you!
Lock the doors, make sure to check twice
So strap down and fasten tight
This ride will make you laugh until you cry!

You're too old for childish whims
But isn't this your perfect sin?
One click of the mouse that's all
And into decadence you'll fall

Boys finally make you feel the rush
Don't you want to see them touch?
Eyes that sparkle, hands that clutch
Slide in, their lips will brush
Don't you want to see them touch?
Your fantasies aren't enough
Don't you want to see them touch?
Don't you want to see them---

AP Girl with your DBQ.
It doesn't take a fool,
To see right through you!
Lock the doors, make sure to check twice
So strap down and fasten tight
This ride will make you laugh until you cry!
AP Girl
Yes it is based on a certain fandom. Guess which one. Enjoy!
The pounding was particularly excruciating this morning.

The child who would eventually become The Master rocked back in forth in his bed, the tip of his nose touching his knees, his hands over his ears in a vain attempt to block out the drums.

"Make it stop!" He yelled. "Make it stop!"

The nurses gabbed him by the arms. He squirmed about but was eased back into the bed. He saw the doctor pour the tranquilizer into the syringe.

"I don't want an injection!" He sobbed. "No injections! No injections!"

"Don't worry lamb," one of the nurses took his hand. "This is going to help with the headache. It's just a little pinch that's all."

"It's going to hurt! It's going to hurt!" He howled.

"Don't worry you'll be alright," the nurse squeezed his hand. "Look at me Koschei. It won't hurt as much if you don't look."

He shut his eyes as the doctor approached him with the syringe. He felt a jab into the crook of his arm. His heart rate slowed and his limbs relaxed. He let out a deep breath. His pupils widened and became glassy. He crumpled back in an almost catatonic state.

The drumming ceased, but the child could not relax. The injection had temporarily taken away his hearing. Confused and frightened, he watched as the nurses' mouths moved without a sound, as the machines kept on recording his vitals without beeping, and as the silence engulfed him.

"Check on him in five," the doctor ordered.

It had been at least three months since Koschei had been admitted to the hospital. Although the doctors and nurses told him that he would be out and about any day now, the boy wasn't stupid. He knew that he wasn't getting better.

"What do you mean it can't be cured?" He heard his mother ask the doctor when they thought he was asleep the other night.

"We've tried at least seven different treatments and he isn't responding to any of them," the doctor answered. "If we give him the experimental ones, there's a chance he might regenerate. The only thing we can do is lessen the severity of his symptoms."

The boy didn't care that regenerating before adolescence carried the risk of deformities in the next life. If it meant that the drumming would stop for good, he would take it in two heartbeats.
He fully recovered past midday. The nurse arrived with lunch; a hunk of bread and soup.

"Come on! Eat!" She told him. "You want to grow up to be a strong Time Lord don't you?"

He wasn't hungry, but made a move to spoon some soup. He had the spoon right on his lips when drumming started again. He flinched. The tray crashed to the ground, spilling over the soup.

"Oh dear," the nurse sighed. "I'll be right back."

She left to find cleaning supplies. Koschei groaned, on the verge of tears again. He huddled his knees in close, squeezing his eyes tight when he heard another nurse say:

"Koschei! You have a visitor!"

A visitor?

The only visitors the boy had were his parents. Who else could it be?

He opened his eyes.

There at the door stood a boy around his age. Tall, wearing black school robes, with light brown hair that never stayed flat even when it was combed, he held a box in his hands.

"Hello Ko!" The boy who would become The Doctor cheerfully exclaimed.

Blinking back tears, the boy who would become The Master only gazed at him with a confused look.

"How are you doing?"

Something hummed in his throat. His lips parted as he asked:

"What are you doing here?"

"I've come to see you!" The boy said. "I've missed you."

"Missed me?" Koschei was surprised. He and the boy had gotten along in the past but they weren't exactly close. Acquaintances but not friends.

"Of course I have! Class isn't the same without you! There's no one to save us from boring old Zelgal."

Koschei had been a bit of a class clown before the vortex. The year 2s were placed under the instruction of Professor Zelgal. A crotchety old man whose preferred method of teaching was to read from a tattered book as ancient as himself, his hoarse monotone voice put everyone to sleep.

Koschei used it as a chance to shine. He would interrupt the lessons with nonsensical remarks, leaving the whole class in a giggling fit. When the professor's back was turned, he'd made silly faces and farting noises, smirking when the professor would look around confused to where it came from. But what he was most famous for was his pranks. Covering the blackboard in crudely drawn doodles and sayings, placing whoopee cushions on Zelgal's chair, manipulating the clocks so that the class could get out early, even going as far as to set a swarm of frogs into the classroom.

He didn't expect that his peers would look to him as some sort of hero. He carried out his jokes and pranks for his own amusement. Not once did he ever care for them. But hearing that he was admired made him smile for the first time in months.

"I wish I could be there," he said. "I hate being cooped up in here."

"Hopefully you'll get out soon," the boy assured him.

"I hope so," Koschei sighed.

They were quiet for a moment.

"How did you get out of class?" Koschei asked.

"I snuck out during break," the boy answered proudly.

"Taking a lesson from me?" Koschei's voice almost had the same old mischievous tone it had so long ago.

"Unfortunately I'm not as clever at concealing my intentions as you are," the boy said. "Got spotted just as I was about to go over the fence. I jumped over and ran so fast I thought I was going to regenerate!"

The two boys laughed. Koschei started to cough.

"You alright?" His classmate asked, concerned.

"I'm fine," Koschei said. "I--I just haven't laughed in a long time. I'm not used to the feeling."

"Then I better stop by more to get you used to laughing again. I'll get you all updated on the shenanigans in class."

"Sounds good," Koschei nodded.

"I almost forgot--here!"

His classmate handed the box over to him.

"Open it!"

Koschei did. Inside were twelve brown cookies.

"My mother sent them to me," the boy said. "But I figured you'd want them more because I heard hospital food is icky."

"Thank you!" He took one and started to munch on it. His teeth chomped down, breaking the cookie into tiny crumbs. It tasted like a combination of vanilla and walnuts, so rich in flavor that he felt like he had floated up into the clouds. He savored every bite.

"These are delicious!" Koschei exclaimed. "I haven't had anything this good in a long time! Everything here tastes like dirt and worms! It's so bad that I throw it out of my sight when they serve it to me."

"Is that why there's soup all over the floor?"

"I only deserve the best if I plan on staying here long term," Koschei said cockily. "I am a Time Lord after all."

They laughed again.

"I have to get going," his classmate checked his pocket watch. "If I get there before one, maybe my chances of getting detention will be somewhat slimmer."

"Worst comes to worst: run," Koschei advised.

"You bet I will," the boy started towards the door.

"Wait," Koschei started. "Before you go--why did you come to see me?"

The boy who would become The Doctor wasted no time with his answer:

"Because you're my friend Ko. I'd come sooner but my parents and The Academy wouldn't let me."

"I'm your friend?" Koschei asked.

"I've always thought we were friends! There's no one at school I admire more than you!"

He waved goodbye and started into a run down the hall. Koschei giggled as he waved back.

The nurse returned with a bucket of water and rags.

"Ah, you're sitting up," she remarked as she began to clean. "How do you feel?"

Koschei placed his hand on his forehead. He had not noticed until now that the drumming had stopped in the time that his friend had visited him.

"I feel good," he said.

"That's good! Did your friend there lift up your spirits?"

Koschei broke out into a smile.

"He did."
A Visitor
Little something I felt like writing after the new episode. Enjoy!
The drop of liquid slid off her fingertips.

Curious yet hesitant, she held her hand out. More drops of the clear liquid fell. It tickled her hand, pooling into a small body of water before dripping down to the ground.

She expected it to weigh down her hand, but to her surprise, the liquid just barely caressed her skin. It had a tepid temperature, just enough to cool down her skin from the hot day, but not enough for her to freeze.

She timidly stretched her arm out. More rain fell down, flowing off her arm. Small drops collected on her arm. Her fingers grazed over them, watching as the tiny bubbles popped and flowed. She watched as the drops moved; joining together to form bigger drops, splitting into two, mingling and separating to finally fall down the sides of her arms or down her fingers.

It fascinated her.

The pools and lakes on Homeworld were still bodies of water, covered by a thick sheet of ice that did not crack despite the most powerful of machines. It was said that liquid flowed thousands of years ago, before Yellow Diamond had them frozen over permanently. Peridot never thought in her wildest dreams that she would ever see a naturally occurring liquid.

Her foot stepped out. Then her whole body.

She stood there, letting the rain wash down over her. Her eyes closed. Chills ran down her spine as the rain trickled down her face, limbs, and torso. It left a strange stickiness on her skin, and her whole body felt damp, but yet the sensation was soothing.

Peridot smiled.

An unknown feeling stirred in her heart. Something uplifting like the grey clouds that dwelled above. She felt at peace since the first time she had arrived on earth. For a second, it was like all her worries had disappeared.

This rain. Perhaps it wasn't so terrible as she had thought.

A shout interrupted her thoughts:

"Come on!" Steven called from the beach. "Come on!"

Peridot opened her eyes. She had resumed the neutral stoic expression she always wore, but the pleasant feeling still remained as she walked down to join him.
Rated T For Teen
The four countries made their way down the streets of Madrid. Spain lead the way, with France, Prussia, and America close behind.

"Dude I'm like starving!" America shouted.

"We're almost there," Spain said.

"Like seriously who the hell eats dinner at nine o clock at night," America complained.

"It's called being fashionably late," France said with a smirk. "You wouldn't be able to understand."

"Yeah!" Prussia jumped in. "It's a European thing. You know for people who are actually awesome."

"Pssh. I don't need that shit," America snapped back. "Waiting is for losers."

"Whatever you say," Spain laughed.

They entered the restaurant. Spain motioned for the group to go by the bar.

"What do you guys want to drink?" He asked.

"I'd like a glass of red wine," France said.


"That one," France pointed to the bottle that sat in the middle of the wine rack behind the counter. Its price tag read 13 euros por una copa

" Jode! " Spain exclaimed. "You want me to go broke?"

"My dear Spain," France dramatically said. "You know I can only have the best of the best."

"Fine," Spain grumbled.

"I'll have a beer!" Prussia held a finger up.

"Same!" America said.

"Alright then." Spain got the attention of the bartender. " Dos cañas, un tinto de verano, y una copa del Roble.

It didn't long for the drinks to arrive. Spain held up his glass of tinto de verano to toast.

"To good company!"

"Bottoms up!"

"Salud! "

" Sante! "

"Prost! "

They clinked their glasses together.

"Aw man this is the life!" America exclaimed. "I wish I got more time off to do stuff like this!"

"Don't we all," Spain agreed. "I love a good night out on the town. Do you guys want tapas?"

"I love tapas," France took a sip of wine.

"I'm always up for that ham thing!" Prussia slammed his empty beer glass on the counter.

"Ham?" America was curious. "There's ham? I freaking love ham!"

"Here let me get the menu," Spain faced the bartender and asked for the menu. The three countries looked over Spain's shoulder as he pointed out the choices.

"Let's see, tortilla de patatas and jamón ibérico , I know you guys will like that," Spain said.

"Ooh I want pulpo a la gallega ," France piped up.

" Pulpo? " America asked.

"It's octopus," Spain exclaimed.

"Blegh! That's so fucking gross!" America made a face as he pretended to choke.

The others laughed.

"Aw come on America, you won't know until you try it," Spain said.

"Yeah! Like's like a fishy gum except you can swallow it!" Prussia smugly chimed in. "It's the best! It just takes time to get used to it. Like I hated it at first, then I ate Paul."

America, who had been drinking his beer, spat it out.

"I'm just kidding bro!" Prussia clapped him on the back. "I didn't eat him."

"Whew!" America sighed in relief.

"My brother did though!"

Spain and France roared as America let out a yelp.

"I can't believe it! He actually fell for it!" Prussia was laughing so hard that he nearly fell out of his seat.

"He looked like he was about to throw up," France's entire face had turned red.

"Was not!" America exclaimed.

"Yeah you were! Admit it!" Prussia shouted.

"That's a load of crap!"

"What are you scared ?" Prussia leaned in.

"No!" America faced him.

"Then eat it! Unless of course you're too chicken to do it!"

France and Spain oohed.

"Too chicken?" America snapped back. "I'll swallow that motherfucker whole. Hey you!" America had turned to the bartender. "Give me a plate of that stuff!"

" Estamos listos para pedir, " Spain quickly said before America could cause a scene.

During the wait for the meal, Spain and France took bets.

"I'll bet twenty that he'll puke," Spain slid a blue paper bill over to Prussia.

"Fifteen he'll eat it all," France took out a ten and five.

"What am I some kind of race horse?" America angrily exclaimed.

"No, I'd say you're more of an ass," France said.

"Shove some snails up yours!" America retorted.

"Oh! You just got fucking owned!" Prussia yelled, slamming down his second glass of beer. It spilled over, dripping down the edges of the counter. The bartender let out a groan as he reached for a dish towel to wipe up the mess.

Finally, the food arrived. Prussia scooped up a few pieces of octopus and put it on America's plate.

The blond nation gulped. His face had gone pale and he looked like he was about to be sick.

"Told you he was chicken," Prussia gloated.

In a swift motion, America grabbed his fork and stabbed it straight through the first piece he could find. With his eyes on the other three, he lifted his fork and shoved it into his mouth.

The countries' jaws dropped as America chewed. He grimaced, bits of saliva trickling down the corners of his mouth. He coughed and a hand instantly covered his mouth.

Spain let out a whoop, raising his hands above. It seemed like he had won.

But America swallowed.

France and Prussia cheered. Spain let out a groan and banged his hand on the table.

"Pay up! Pay up!" France shoved his hand in front of Spain and rubbed his fingers back and forth.

Prussia handed the money over to France. He threw it up into the air and let it rain down on him as he swayed side to side in a victory dance.

"Son of a bitch!" Spain slurped the last of his tinto of verano. "I nearly had it!"

"Too bad!" France bragged. He kissed the twenty euro bill.

"Hey guys," America piped up. "I like nearly died here!"

"America I am so proud of you," France told him.

"Yeah man! You were like awesome!" Prussia joined in.

"You killed it amigo " Spain clapped America on the back. "So. You like octopus now?"

"No!" America made another face.

"Ah it's ok. Here.  Have this," Spain served America the tortilla and jamón.

America picked up his fork again and took a bite of the tortilla.

"Aw man, this is so good!" He exclaimed.

He cut another piece.

"Don't eat it all!" France said with a wink. "We might want some too."

"Keep your stinking octopus," America shot back.

They all laughed. Spain held up a finger to get the attention of the waiter.

" ¡Señor! Cuatro cañas por favor."

By the time the four countries stumbled out of the restaurant, it was pitch black. People passed them, heading to bars, clubs, or just simply to walk around.

"The food was amazing," America said.

"It's tres magnifique " France agreed. "Spain has excellent taste."

"Dudes! Let's go out for another beer!" Prussia suggested.

"Isn't five beers enough for you Prussia?" Spain asked.

"Five beers can't handle me!" Prussia said. "I can drink any of you under the table any day!"

"Bet you can't!"

"Bet I can!"

"You challenging us bro?" America smirked.

"You bet your ass I am!" Prussia exclaimed. "Me against you three. It's on! Spain, where's the next bar?"

"Around the corner."

"Then let's go!"

They laughed. The gang reached the end of the street and turned.
Tapas Night
I'm currently studying abroad in Spain and it inspired me to write this. Enjoy!
3 Euros Por Una CopaOne glass of wine costs 13 euros
CañaBeer from the tap
Tinto de VeranoA red wine and sprite mix drink. So good. 
Tortilla de PatatasA potato omelet, served in slices. One of the best damn tapas to ever exist
Jamón de IbéricoThe best damn cured ham you will ever have in your entire life. 
Pulpo a la GallegaCooked octopus served in an olive oil sauce. Another damn good tapa. 
Estamos listos para pedirWe are ready to order
!Señor! Cuatro cañas por favor!: Waiter! Four beers please!
"Come on guys it's gonna be great!"

Grizz led Panda and Icebear by both paws.

"I don't know man, bears really don't get their claws done," Panda apprehensively said.

"Icebear won't let others touch his claws," Icebear piped up.

"People get their nails done all the time!" Grizz exclaimed. "What's the big deal? You don't even have to do the mani-pedi combo."


"Just give it a try!" Grizz let go and opened the salon door. "Follow my lead."

He took a step in and announced in a loud voice:

"What's up people of Unicorn Nails! The bears are in the house!"

Everyone turned their heads to look over at the brothers. Panda face palmed while Icebear inched back outside.

"Manicure or pedicure?" One of the employees asked them.

Grizz reached out and grabbed Panda and Icebear.

"I'll have a mani-pedi," Grizz said.

"Uh. Same," Panda mumbled.

"Icebear will only do pedis."

"Pick your color."

The three bears walked over the nail polish rack.

"Wow!" Panda marveled. "There are so many colors!"

Grizz reached for a bright red labeled Fire Engine

"I'm gonna get this one and have them paint lightening bolts on it!"

Panda got a sparkly dark purple polish.

" Starlight Purple," He read. "Sweet!"

Icebear spent a lot of time staring at the blues. He finally picked a light one named No Room For The Blues.

"Icebear likes this one," he said.

They walked over to the pedicure chairs and settled in.

"Aaah, the water feels so nice!" Grizzly grabbed the remote to adjust the seat. Panda had taken out his phone from the belt pocket around his waist and started to play a game. Icebear rigidly sat in his seat. The nail technicians began to work on their feet.

"Ah! Careful!" Panda flinched as the nail technician began to file the calluses on his feet.

"Icebear feels uncomfortable," Icebear was trying hard not to curl his feet back as the technician pushed back the cuticles.

"You know what they say guys; no pain without gain!" Grizz had the seat go as far back as it could and leaned back as if it were a lounge chair. He clicked and back and forth between the setting for the chair massager.

"Try the massage! It's so cool!" Grizz told them.

Panda and Icebear did so.

"It tickles!" Panda burst into a fit of giggles. He shook in his chair as his body rolled forward.

"This is stabbing Icebear!" Icebear jolted upward, gripping tightly to the arms of the chair.

"Now what happens if I press this button?" Grizz wondered.

He had set it at the highest speed. The chair began to uncontrollably vibrate.

"Ahhhh!" Grizz screamed.

Icebear had jumped out of his chair and frantically pressed the off button on his remote. His chair stopped.

Grizz was being whipped back and forth. His body collided with the edges of the chair. Meanwhile, Panda's giggles had turned into screams as the rolls in the chair dug into his back, leaving a red mark on his fur.

In one motion Icebear dashed towards his brothers and grabbed them. He set them down to the side and took the remotes. The off buttons didn't work. He then, with a determined look, yanked up both pedicure chairs from the ground with all the strength he had. He ran towards the door and threw them outside. They landed with a crash.

The other people in the shop had crowded around the three bears. Grizz and Panda were holding onto each other for dear life.

With a deep breath, Icebear turned around.

"Icebear will pay for that," he said to the owner.

She wordlessly shook her head, thankful that the bears were not going to sue. Hoping not to cause any further problems, she told them the mani-pedis would be on the house.

Three pedicures and two manicures later, the brothers left the nail salon.

"You were right Grizz!" Panda admired his paws. "They look really cool!"

"Icebear agrees," Icebear glanced at the blue color on the claws on his feet and smiled.

"See I told you guys!" Grizz grinned. "We should do this again!"


"Icebear would prefer not to have massage chairs next time."
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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