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At Marvel Lee Elementary, there was a little 4th grade nobody named Zemo who hated the popular 5th grade kids. Since their friendship began back in the first grade, they had intentionally or not, staked a claim on the school. Kids worshipped them: for their cool clothes, toys, and athletic skills. Teachers took pride in their excellent grades and outstanding volunteer work. There was a table in the cafeteria reserved only for them, if they set foot on the playground during recess, everyone got out of their way. If there was a dispute between the lowly children, the 5th graders would sit in and settle it out like lording kings and their squabbling peasants.

Zemo, after losing the only spot left on the swingset one afternoon, had enough. He vowed that one day he would destroy them.

Luckily for him, it did not take long before trouble arose. During a heated game of cops and robbers, Wanda Maximoff, one of the only two girls in the group, had accidentally pushed a first grader down to the woodchip covered ground. The poor little six year old began to cry. Wanda apologized, but the damage was done. The rest of the school was in an uproar.

"Think of the first graders!" They cried.

The older students demanded that the group play safer on the playground. The group was faced with a difficult decision. One of the leaders, Tony Stark, who felt guilty about past incidents where they played too rough, wanted to stop all the games that could potentially hurt another kid. The other one, Steve Rogers, thought that they didn't need to listen to the other kids and that they should continue to play like they did because no one complained about it before. The two had a friendly rivalry. They competed over who was better at sports, and who got better grades, but now things were changing. Tony was already beginning to feel the middle school pressure of doing well both academically and socially. He, being loud and obnoxious at times, was not as well liked as the humble, naturally friendly Steve, and even believed that his parents liked Steve more than him. But Steve had issues of his own; his troubled best friend Bucky Barnes, who had moved away in the first grade, had been expelled from his old school for getting into fistfights. At the beginning of the year he had moved back, and only stuck around Steve. Rumors of Bucky's unstoppable temper and fists of steel swarmed about the school. Zemo noticed all of this, and began to scheme.

The day arrived when the popular kids would announce their decision. Zemo moved in to strike. He dressed up like Bucky just as the school bell rang, and attacked; slapping everyone in his path. Caught in the crossfire was the foreign exchange student from Nigeria (but everyone called it Wakanda since they had no clue), T'Challa. He was being picked up by his father, when Zemo-Bucky jumped out to hit him, but instead hit T'Challa's dad. The boy burned with the anger of a thousand suns. He wanted revenge.

The student body was in chaos. Bucky, who was walking home from school, found himself mobbed by angry children. He ran to Steve and told him what had happened. Steve, who cared about Bucky more than everyone else in the universe besides his parents, believed him. Then, T'Challa popped out from the bushes and began to beat Bucky into a pulp. Steve backed up Bucky until Tony's BFF Rhodey showed up and pulled them apart. All the popular kids came and everyone began to argue about what had happened. Tony wanted Bucky to pay for what he had did. Steve insisted that Bucky was innocent. And then, Tony opened his mouth:

"You really think this punk wannabe is more important than our group Steve? You're full of crap!"

Everyone gasped. Tony swore. This was serious.

Steve lunged at Tony and another fight broke out. No one bothered to break them up until the crossing guard on the corner threatened to call the cops.

It meant war.

The group split into two. Sam, who had become close friends with Steve the year before, backed up Steve, along with Wanda (who found out that the reason that Tony had been excluding her from the group was that he thought she would hurt them during another game), and Clint Barton who had just got back to school from a bad case of the flu, and had no idea what was going on. Tony's side had Natasha, who also felt guilty about how they pushed everyone around in the past, Rhodey, and his other BFF Jarvis, who went by Vision because he thought it sounded cool. Nasty looks were shot during class. Insults were exchanged in the halls. Rumors spread about Steve and Tony. Dodgeball games in gym class took the place of actual fights. T'Challa chased after Bucky during recess, wanting another chance to make him pay.

The only person who attempted to negotiate was Natasha, who considered Steve a closer friend than Tony. She begged him to make up with Tony, but Steve refused.

All the while, Zemo watched on gleefully from his coveted place on the swingset during recess, pleased that everything was going to plan.

Steve, wanting to clear Bucky's name, snooped around to find everything he could about the slap rampage. After interviewing the victims and eyewitnesses, he discovered that the assailant was wearing a green cap, not a blue one like Bucky always wore. He narrowed down his list of suspects to Zemo, the 4th grade nobody, and planned with his buds to confront him. But Tony wanted a fight. He gathered up his gang, along with T'Challa, and a 3rd grader named Peter Parker who he planned to use to replace Steve former place in the group, and challenged Steve to a fight on the blacktop at 3:30 Friday. Steve accepted, and brought his backup, along with a bug obsessed boy named Scott Lang who was recommended to him by Clint. The battle began. Tiny fists and feet collided against limbs. Peter lassoed jump ropes at anyone on the other side he could see in order to impress Tony. T'Challa and Bucky were stuck in a fight to the death as T'Challa slashed at Bucky with prop claws he got for a cat Halloween costume. Sam climbed trees and threw down feather covered rocks guerrilla warfare style. Scott threw his bug bombs--- water balloons filled with actual bugs at the grossed out other side. Karate expert Natasha, dodged archery fanatic Clint's toy arrows before she was close enough for hand to hand combat. Magic inclined Wanda tried to cast spells that she learned from a $3 magic- trick book she got at Target™, but found that they were useless in her fight against Vision who sicked one of robot toy dogs at her. And Tony blasted his super soakers at Steve who defended himself with a garbage can lid. He coordinated his movements with Rhodey who parkoured off the roof. And broke his leg.

Steve and Bucky caught sight of Zemo laughing at them from the swings. They made a run for it. Tony and T'Challa followed. Steve's remaining team were forced to surrender. Peter tied Clint, Wanda, Sam, and Scott against a tree and kept watch with Vision while Natasha dragged Rhodey to the nurse's office. Steve and Bucky caught up with Zemo and demanded to know why he framed Bucky.

"Because I hate you!" Zemo spat.

He proceeded to laugh as Tony and T'Challa arrived and began a two on two combat against Steve and Bucky. Then it was then Zemo made his mistake, admitting to everything in front of Tony and T'Challa. Steve, Bucky, and Tony all began to pummel Zemo, while a tired out T'Challa, now understanding that revenge means nothing when the world is out to get you, watched.

Steve and Tony almost reconciled then and there, if it weren't for Zemo's last taunt that he knew that Tony's parents liked Steve more than him. Enraged Tony threw Steve down onto the ground and began to beat him with all the strength he had. But for all of Tony's rage, Steve was stronger than he was, and left him a sobbing, bloody mess, sprawled out by the swings. T'Challa tackled Zemo to prevent him from escaping and Steve was about to demolish him like he had done with Tony when Principal Fury showed up.

"What the hell is going on here?" He bellowed.

Everyone stopped, trembling with fear. They were rounded up and dragged into his office, where Principal Fury lamented that he wasn't able to administer corporal punishment because they all deserved it for acting like fools. All the participants of the fight, save Peter who had left in time and by Tony's honor, not outed, were suspended for a week and given detentions for the rest of the month. The ceasefire gave way to an uneasy peace. Tensions were strained between Tony and Steve who had taken over the group and kicked Tony out. Bucky was forced to change schools again, leaving poor Steve heartbroken. Peter's popularity among his 3rd grade peers soared. And Zemo became the most hated kid in the entire school, and worst of all, he was no longer allowed to go on the swings for the rest of his 4th grade year.

Hours had passed and not a single pokemon had shown up at the trap Team Rocket had painstakingly set up. The circle of laid out flowers had begun to wilt. The fruit piled up inside was beginning to go bad, but Jessie and James kept their watch.

"How long has it been," Jessie whined.

"Too long," James agreed with a nod.

"You'd think all this food would make them come running!"

"We should've saved it for ourselves!"

They dramatically sighed. A rustling from the bushes nearby got their attention and they turned around.

"What's that?" James asked excitedly.

"This could be it!" Jessie exclaimed as she picked up a mesh net.

A low growl echoed along with that of heavy footsteps.

"Come on! Just a few steps more!"

Jessie and James exchanged determined looks as they got ready to grab the pokemon. A small brown foot stepped out. Jessie and James lunged forward. Meowth dropped the basket of apples he was carrying and let out a scream.

"Whatdaya guys doing? Just because I'm carrying da bait doesn't mean I am one!"

"Dammit Meowth!" James shouted.

"You're not the pokemon we're trying to get!" Jessie butted in.

"Well sorrry if I'm actually doing something instead of sitting on my lazy butt and just waitin'!"


"Now if you excuse me I'm gonna set out a trail out for this here trap, an' hope that something comes!"

Meowth picked up three apples and stormed off. Jessie and James sunk back down on the ground with a groan. James inched in close to her and leaned back against her shoulder. Jessie did nothing to move or shove him away. More time passed. Jessie half watched, half drew circles in the dirt with her finger while James stared up at the sky, struggling to keep his eyes open.

"Who knew that waiting could be so tedious. I'm already falling asleep," James yawned.

"You can't do that! We need to be on the tip of our toes," Jessie said, ignoring the fact that she was also distracted.

"Maybe we should do something to get our energy up to get us back in the game," James suggested.

"Yeah like what? I don't have the strength to do anything."

"We could do pushups."

"Ugh! "

"Scratch that, stretches are easier, and less taxing."

"How about something that doesn't have exercise!" Jessie said.

"We could kiss."

Jessie sat up straight, sending James down to the ground. She cocked her head to the side with a confused look.

"Kiss?" She repeated, flustered.

"It's been proven to get your energy up! We-we don't have to do it if you don't want to!" James blurted out as he sat up.

"W-what makes you think that I'd want to kiss you?" Jessie stuttered out her words and gazed off to the side.

"I don't know! Do you?" James' face was as red as a tomato's.

"Well why not we just do it! We need something to pass the time. I don't wanna be bored ," Jessie finally looked him in the eyes.

"Ok," James nodded.

They sat on their knees and faced each other. James reached out and took Jessie's hand. An awkward second passed as they stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

"Are you going to kiss me or not?" Jessie asked.

"I will! Here!" James leaned in and puckered up his lips against Jessie's. He held the kiss for a second and moved back.

"Hey! You call that a kiss? " Jessie exclaimed.

"Well what were you expecting?"

"A real kiss should have a punch! Sweep you off your feet! Make you feel like you're living out your wildest dreams!" Jessie exclaimed with dramatic flair.

James stopped and thought over her words. His lips formed into an o shape as he gazed at her again.  He let go of her hand and winked.

"Like this?" he smirked as he placed his hands on Jessie's shoulders and guided her towards him. His lips brushed against hers and jutted out. They settled and he closed his eyes. Jessie made a surprised sound, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck as she kissed him back. His lips parted, lingering at her lower lip before moving back up and center. Jessie's fingers slid through his hair, wrapping around the strands that they came across. She let out a shaky breath as her jaw relaxed, rolling her shoulders back into James' sturdy grip.

Jessie crawled on top of him and balanced so that she was sitting on his knees. James tried to hold her as close to him as he could, their faces nearly smashing together as his body rocked back. They hit the ground. Jessie leaned down. His hands dug into her back. Their foreheads touched. Hot breath mingled as they lost themselves in the kiss, forgetting about nearly everything else around them…

"Oh my god! I can't leave you two alone for two seconds can I?"

Jessie and James broke off with a shout. Meowth was back.

"What are you doing here?" Jessie shrieked.

"Smoochin' on the job? Really guys?" Meowth exclaimed with a grossed out expression.

"It's not like that!" James retorted.

"I always thought you two had some sorta thing for each other but I never thought it'd end up like this. "


"What's gonna happen when I walk in on da two of ya doing worse! Ugh! I feel like needin' a shower with that just poppin' into my head!"

"GET OUT! " Jessie and James both exclaimed in unison.

Meowth, with the hairs prickling on his skin, ran out. Jessie and James watched him leave.

"I guess we should go back to watching that trap," James sighed.

"Oh well too bad the fun's over," Jessie shrugged.

"Is it?" James smiled as he leaned in again and kissed her. Jessie giggled as she pulled back and took his hand. They settled back down and sat close together; him with an arm around her, and her head propped up against his shoulder.
Master Fu knelt down to meet the kwami at eye level as the cloud of pollen- like magic dust parted. She slowly stirred: the tip of her antenna swaying side to side to get a sense of her surroundings, her tiny arms and legs loosening as they moved away from her torso, followed by an inhale as she opened her eyes. She looked up and grinned.

"Master Fu!" She exclaimed.

"Beea! It is good to see you again," he tentatively started. He paused for a second to think over what he would say next. "But I am afraid that these are the wrong circumstances to meet again.

"What do you mean? What happened?" She asked.

Master Fu held out his hand. The kwami flew over and sat down. He lifted his hand and pulled it in towards him.

"Nooroo has been forced to use his powers against his will. His wielder, a man known as Hawkmoth, uses his Miraculous for evil intent," he told her.

Beea gasped. A hand went to her mouth. Her bug-like irises widened, appearing to nearly pop out against the lens of her eyes. Her antenna drooped and a pained expression washed over her.

"Not Nooroo. Not my best friend," she whispered as her eyes began to water.

Master Fu moved his free hand to her side. His pointer finger gently wrapped her waist as if to embrace her. She leaned in and rested her head against his thumb.

"Why would anyone take advantage of him like that? He's one of the sweetest kwamis out there. Quick to trust, and quicker to please. I always told him to be careful, but he was certain that he'd end up in the right hands because he knew that anyone who stumbled upon a Miraculous was good. And now---" Her voice wavered. She closed her eyes.

"Don't worry my dear. I've already taken steps to bring him home. I sent out Tikki and Plagg to keep Hawkmoth's attacks at bay," he assured her. "But a good rescue needs more than just action. I have a job for you Beea, if you are willing to take it on."

Beea wiped away a tear and took one last deep breath. She straightened her posture and faced her master head on with a determined look.

"I'll do it."
With a buzz Beea speed through the revolving doors into the lobby of Le Grand Paris. She flew over to a flower filled vase on one of the tables and looked out. She glanced over at the guests lugging their bags to the elevators and front desk, the journalists and paparazzi who crowded the main entrance, groups of thin, well dressed, beautiful people who whispered to each other in low voices, and over to the sign hung over the balcony that read: Le Grand Paris Welcomes Fashion Week 2016 in both English and French.

Nooroo was somewhere in the building. She picked up his energy aura a few blocks back while she was flying over traffic. Even though his energy had been corrupted and blackened, Beea was so in sync with him that she could pick out one purple wave from a passing limousine. But as soon as the car had reached the hotel, she had lost track of the aura due to the overwhelming amount of people.

Beea's antenna perked up as it honed in on the energy waves in the building. She glimpsed past the white human energy that blocked her senses and concentrated on the fainter ones. A dog's bark coming from the lobby, a crocodile (how strange) splashing water about from the third floor, and then in a sea of white, came the purple energy, eclipsed by darkness, from an elevator between the fifth and sixth floors.

"The meeting's in five minutes. I don't want to be late."

Another buzz and she bolted into the nearest elevator. Beea waited out until everyone filed out at the fourth floor before resuming the search. Nooroo was on the fourteenth floor and was heading down the corridor on the right hand side. She had just landed on the 14 button on the panel, and pressed down, when---

The elevator came to a stop on the fifth floor. The door opened with a ding and a tall, blonde, teenage girl stepped inside. She was about to move over to the panel when she let out a scream.

"BEE! BEE! OH MY GOD IT'S HUGE!" The girl ran over to the elevator door which slammed shut. She jumped back into the corner and cowered, shielding her heavily made up face from Beea.

"I'm not a bee! I can explain!" Beea started towards the frightened girl.


"Listen! I'm not gonna hurt you--"

The girl threw her cellphone at the kwami. Beea dodged it just in time.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME! HELP! I'M BEING ATTACKED BY A TALKING BEE!" The girl shrieked. She banged her fists against the elevator wall.

"I--I told you I'm not a bee I--"


"I can't hurt you. I don't have a stinger. See?" Beea turned and pointed at the small protruding triangle on her back that lacked a stinger.


"I'm actually looking for--"

"HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP! " The girl hollered at the top of her lungs. She screamed again when no one came. She sunk to the floor and started to bawl.

"This is gonna be a long search," Beea figured with a sigh.
If Chloe ends up getting the Bee Miraculous in season 2 this is what I think would go down...Enjoy!
Ladybug is more beautiful than ever tonight Chat Noir thought. And it's not the dress my father gave her; not a change of place or time.  It's how I can see the stars in her eyes under these rosy lights. And if I look close enough, I can see my life

The mayor's speech droned on. The two superheroes stood solemnly at the opposite ends of the podium as he thanked them for their service. Chat Noir tried to keep his eyes on the crowd that had gathered for this celebration but found it difficult to when his gaze wandered over to Ladybug. Occasionally she would glance back. A wink as the mayor mentioned Chat Noir's heroic deeds. A nod of the head as he kept on embellishing the events in his pompous, nasal tone. And as she caught him staring, a giggle that she quickly concealed. But a hand to the mouth couldn't hide the warmth in her ocean blue eyes as she stared back. His heart fluttered and a lovelorn expression crossed his face before the mayor's words drew them back into the ceremony.

"Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado the newest recipients of the medal of honor. Miss Ladybug!" The mayor extended his hand out to her.

Chat Noir's heart melted when he saw her reaction. A sparkle gleamed in her eyes as the audience applauded. Her lip trembled before it stretched upwards into a toothy grin. The spotlight's rosy light shone down on her as she turned. A pinkish flush spread across her skin as she bowed her head to receive the medal. Elated, she faced the crowd and held the medal out to them.

"Thank you to the people of Paris!" Her voice resonated throughout the hall.

Everyone cheered. The spotlight bounced off of the medal and darted about the room. Chat Noir's heart raced as he followed the light's path. Everyone looked beautiful. It was if a little bit of Ladybug's aura snuck into that light and brought out the best in everyone, just as she had done for him. As the light passed over him, Chat Noir's heart pounded against his chest. It brushed gently against him like an embrace and his arms crossed over his chest as if to savor the feeling. When the light finally reached her, he held out his arms and shouted:

"Bravo! Bravo Ladybug!"

She glanced over at him, overjoyed. His legs carried him over and he fell into her waiting arms. Her hands gripped his back as their foreheads touched. The spotlight shone around her, casting its halo around her long black hair. Her breath caressed his lips as he tenderly cupped her cheek. Then he moved in and kissed her. Her lips puckered up against his as she pulled him in. The rose colored light shone down on the both of them as they held on fast.

Everything is rosy Chat Noir thought. Ladybug makes life beautiful
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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