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Anyone watching the Daredevil series on Netflix?
You and your team were the first ones to assess the robot. Coppy, it was called. Taking the form of a photocopier, Coppy was designed to be the ultimate advancement in workplace technology. Computer, photocopier, unpaid intern, if Coppy passed the tests, it would be ready to hit the market.

You faced the robot and switched on the on button. The eyes on the top of its head flickered, its eyebrows arched, and the lid—its mouth moved up.

“Hi I’m Coppy! How can I help you today?”It asked in a digital, high pitched voice.

“I have a question,” you responded.

“Great! What is your question?”

“I’m starting a business,” you said.

“Let’s get started!” the robot bounced in its place.

You held out the papers at the machine.

“Can you scan and send these to Barbara?” You placed the papers on the copier.

“I’m always glad to be of help!”

There was a clicking sound. Its eyes rolled to the back of its sockets as it absorbed the data and its body shook. The papers fell into the exit slot. Coppy glanced up at you eagerly.

You looked over at your colleagues who were jotting down their observations. One of them, Barbara glanced down at her computer.

“I got the scans,” she said.

“It looks like your work is going great!” Coppy bounced once more in his spot. Several of the papers inside fell out

“Good work Coppy!” You exclaimed. “Now, can you google search photocopier?”

“I can help you with anything!” It beeped. Its eyes began to spin again as the buttons underneath its mouth lit up. It swayed from side to side until the final click.

“There are a total of 8,000,000 results. The wikipedia definition of  photocopier is: A photocopier (also known as a copier or copy machine) is a machine that makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply.

“Good work!” You said.

“If you need anything just let me know!” It replied happily, its eyes staring right into yours.

“Ok. Can you take this over to Kevin over there?” You placed a folder inside the lid and pointed over at Kevin who sat at the far end of the room.

“I’m a copy machine!” It exclaimed as it wheeled itself over to the table where your colleagues sat. Suddenly it froze. There was a white flash in its eyes and it began to rattle about.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m a copy machine!” It said in a warbly voice. “Hi! I’m Coppy! Hi I’m Coppy!”

There was a beep and papers shot out everywhere. The robot spun in its place; bits and pieces of its engine began to fall out along with the papers.It zoomed The noise it emitted grew louder and louder. It began to zoom around the room; hitting the walls, chairs, and the table. Its speech had become a garbled gibberish. Steam rose from the lid, giving off a burning smell. You and your colleagues were backed up against the wall.

“Maybe it’s an information overload!”

“Shut it down!”

You rushed forward. Coppy’s hollow eyes seemed to widen as it sped right into you. It hit your knees. Trying to ignore the pain, you reached for the switch.

“Please let me serve you,” It shrieked.

You turned the robot off. You sat back down with a sigh. You glanced back at the team.

“Do you think we should give it a rest?” You asked.

“We should try one more run.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

You turned on the robot again. The buttons and eyes were the first to light up with the start hum. But this time, the buttons and eyes glowed red. It’s eyebrows furrowed into a straight line. As you took a closer look, you noticed that there were thick black veins inside the eyes.

“What can I help you with?” It said in the same eager voice.

This was odd. All of the Coppys were supposed to activate with the same line: Hi! I’m Coppy! How can I help you today?


The steam rose again; thicker and fouler. You coughed, sliding back as it moved forward.

“What can I help you with?”

Its voice had lowered, but kept the same digital tone. It sounded sinister. Steam now filled the entire room and the thick black lines inside its eyes stretched across.

“Coppy! What are you doing!” You hid behind a chair.

There was an exploding sound. Red ink seeped from its eyes, dripping onto the front of its body onto the floor. Tiny gray shaped blades descended from the top of the lip. And it leaned on its two front wheels, right over you.


Everything went to black. The last thing you remembered was hearing their screams.
This is based on the tumblr April Fools Day Prank. It's my first time writing any sort of horror/ creepypasta so I hope I did ok.
Here's the tumblr link:…
For less than ten dollars you could get a milkshake and a platter of cookies at the Broxton diner every Tuesday.

It wasn't the most popular deal, but it was with two regular customers who showed up every Tuesday afternoon at three on the dot.

At the booth by the window sat two children, dressed in medieval wear. The empty plate of cookies had been pushed to the side. The milkshake sat in the middle of the table: a vanilla one, with a mountain of whipped cream that had a cherry at its peak. Two straws stuck out from the sides of the glass. The girl who sat on the left end grabbed the glass and started to drink.

"You're hogging the milkshake!" the boy exclaimed.

"I'm not!" Leah glanced up at him before taking another sip.

"Yes you are! You've only handed it to me once "

"That's because you drink it all up first!"

"I don't! Not this time! I just want to dunk my cookie!" Loki held up and waved one of the chocolate chip cookies.

"Then you should have gotten your own milkshake!" Leah told him with a sigh.

"Well that's what I always tell you!" He shot back.

"You can have it after I'm done!"

The boy reached out to grab the glass and had taken hold of the other side. He gave a tug.

"Give it back!"

But the girl tugged it over to her side.

"You give it back!"

The milkshake began to spill over as it was tugged back and forth. The scene had attracted the attention of the other customers. They watched as the two Asgardian children attempted to yank the glass from the other.

"You're acting like an idiot!"

"Oh yeah! Well you should learn how to share!"

Their bodies had moved in too. Their faces were only a few inches apart when:

"Give it back!"

Leah pulled the glass towards her. At the same time Loki leaned in to take the glass from her.



The glass fell to the floor. Loki and Leah pulled back with a shocked expression on their faces. Everyone in the room was staring at them. The owner, who had rushed out as soon as he heard the commotion, let out an angry shout.

"Look at the mess you made!"

The girl had a hand over her mouth. The boy sat frozen in his spot, stunned.

"You kissed me," she said in a low voice.

"No, you kissed me," he responded.

"You were the one who leaned in!"

"Well you pulled the glass!"

"You puckered up your lips!"

"Look who's talking! You had yours puffed up like a fish!"

"That was my first kiss you dummy!"

"It was mine too!"

"I didn't want my first kiss to be like this "

"Well I feel the same! I didn't want it to turn out like this!"

Suddenly they both got quiet.

Their eyes met. Leah's hands fell down by her side. Loki shifted in his spot. Their faces were both a bright red.

"You're blushing," the girl pointed out.

"Well--you--you are too!" He stuttered. "It's not like I knew this was going to happen!"

"It was an accident right?" She said with a hint of uncertainty.

"It was an accident?" He was confused.

"It was?" They were both confused.

"Oh my god!" The owner exclaimed, exasperated. "You both kissed each other! Now clean up this mess or I'll ban you from this diner!"

"Shut up! " They both exclaimed in unison.

They faced each other again. Leah's embarrassed expression broke out into a smile.

"I didn't see that coming," she giggled.

He laughed.

"I know!"

They hurried to clean up the mess.
On a warm spring day, Phil and Melinda took their four year old daughter Skye to the park. They had a picnic fit for a king: grilled cheese sandwiches, juice, grapes, and cookies. They played catch and frisbee, took a relaxing walk around the park, and went down to the lake to see the ducks and turtles. For hours, they enjoyed themselves until it was time to leave.

Skye walked in between her parents, holding onto their hands. She was a very talkative child, and at times had a skip in her step.

"Can we play with the wii when we get home?"

"Of course we can!" Phil said. "Do you wanna play Mario?"

"Yeah! And this time, I'm gonna have mama on my team 'cause she's the best at Mario!"

"Well that is true," Melinda smiled. "I beat everybody."

"You just get lucky," Phil joked.

Everybody laughed.

They got to the parking lot to find that their car, a red 1962 Chevrolet Corvette had gone missing.

"Where's Lola?" Skye asked.

"Don't worry. Wherever she is we'll find her," Phil tried to hide his worry.

"Phil, Lola's been stolen ," May said with a sigh.

"I know! But we'll find her! Come on! Let's look!"

The family searched the parking lot. No red car was to be seen.

"Lola's not here," Skye peeked behind a tree.

"Lola's not here either," Phil Coulson glanced around him.

"She's up there," Melinda pointed up.

The car was hovering in the air. Inside, were two carjackers who were frantically pressing buttons.

"Stop right there!" Phil yelled. He and Melinda started to run. Skye followed. Melinda got out her gun and shot a warning sign. The car kept on flying.

"They're getting away!" Melinda sent another shot into the air.

"Oh no!" Skye exclaimed.

The car flew higher and higher until an incredible thing happened.

The ground started to shake. Melinda and Phil wobbled and fell to the ground. Only Skye stood still, a frightened look on her face, staring up ahead.

The car came crashing down. Steam rose around them and a groan could be heard from inside. The two carjackers climbed out only to find that Melinda grabbed and handcuffed them.

There was a stunned silence.

"Mommy! Daddy! I did it! I knocked the bad guys down from the sky!" Skye said proudly.

Phil blinked, still in shock. He then broke out into a grin.

"That's my little princess!" Phil exclaimed as he picked Skye up and spun her around.

"Phil? What about the damages?" Melinda gestured towards the wreckage of the car.

"I can fix the car. It's not a problem," Phil held Skye close.

"We have to report this to headquarters."

"We can do that later," he said. "I bet you anything Fury will let this one slide."

"Skye are you ok?" Phil asked her, placing a hand on her cheek and checking to see if she wasn't injured.

"Uh huh," she answered. "Does this mean I can join you and mommy on missions now?"

Phil chuckled. Although Melinda tried hard to keep a straight face, she laughed as well.

"Not just yet," Melinda said warmly. "That's going to take awhile."
It's going to be about Agent of Asgard/ Journey Into Mystery

Would anyone be interested in watching it?


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