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Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Moon sleepily rose her head to see where the nose was coming from. It was still dark. Her alarm clock on the nightstand informed her that it was two am. Her primarina was curled up in his dog bed below. She heard the beeping sound again and sat up straighter. A red glow came from the desk where she kept her pokeballs.

Moon got up from her bed. She tiptoed over to the desk with a yawn. The beeping came again, louder this time and the red glow popped out at her, forcing her eyes shut. She reopened them, fully awake to see that Nebby's ultra ball was making the entire desk top shake. With a shout, Moon placed one hand on the desk to steady it and the other grabbed Nebby's ball. She ran out of her room as fast as she could, not caring if she woke up her mother or meowth. The ultra ball felt hot to the touch and her hand violently twitched as she tried to maintain a secure hold on it. Into the hallway, then the kitchen, she kicked open the front door and threw the pokeball out into the yard before her solgaleo's size could do any damage to the house. Another flash of light and Nebby appeared with a roar.

"Nebby are you ok?" Moon asked.

Nebby roared again. He pawed the ground.

"Nebby be careful! We just worked on the front yard yesterday remember?" Moon anxiously exclaimed as she saw Nebby's claw sink into the grass.

The solgaleo stopped and faced Moon. He tilted his head and let out a series of low whines.

"Poni Island? The Altar Of The Sunne? You want to go now? But it's two in the morning!"

Nebby blinked. His eyes widened and his lip quivered. He purred. He slid forward and rubbed his mane against Moon. She chuckled and gave him a pat on the head.

"Oh ok. But we gotta be quick," Moon relented.


After quickly getting dressed and paging the Charizard, Moon and Nebby arrived at Poni Canyon about an hour later. They headed up the hill, with Nebby carrying Moon on his back. Once they reached the top, Moon could see a diamond shaped blue tear in the sky that shone brilliantly above the altar. She placed a hand over her eyes and squinted. Nebby let out a growl.

"You want to go through there? "

Nebby nodded. It almost threw Moon off of Nebby's back and she gripped his mane to hang on.

"Whoa! Careful boy!"

Nebby's back legs slid across the dirt. He started into a run towards the rip in the sky. Moon let out a scream. Nebby jumped up into the air and girl and pokemon leapt into the blue light.


Moon opened her eyes to find that she and Nebby stood on the stone floor of the altar. She blinked again to find that the sun's light was streaming down upon them. She placed a hand over her eyes again and glanced about. It was day and they were alone at the altar.

"Where are we?"

Nebby had become quiet. He walked forward and started down the steps. He stopped at the bottom and Moon saw that the sign before her read:

Altar Of The Moone

"Altar Of The Moone? What is this place?" She wondered out loud.

Nebby whined again.

"We need to go to The Lake Of The Sunne? I've never heard of it. Where is it?"

Nebby pointed his head to the right with a yelp.



The heavy fog made it hard to see but Nebby led the way deep into the farthest corners of Ula'ula meadow. Moon's skin felt clammy from sweat and the mist droplets that fell upon her from the trees above. They walked over the shrine's moat into the giant crumbling building.  Inside, Nebby lowered himself to let Moon down again. They walked side by side through the shrine corridor.

"Wow this place is huge!" Her voice echoed off of the walls.

They reached a courtyard. Its design was similar to the altars she had been to before. Suddenly Nebby roared against and pounced forward.

"Nebby!" Moon shouted.

"Nebby!" Another voice shouted from the opposite side of the altar.

Nebby stopped in front of the altar in front of another pokemon. Moon felt chills go down her spine as she glanced up at it. Its phantom like body hovered in the air, bat like wings spread out as it let out a hiss. The two pokemon stared at each other.

"Nebby! What are you doing girl?"

A boy about her age ran up to the altar. He stopped by the strange pokemon and held out a hand to grab it but Nebby and the pokemon both turned and disappeared off into the woods.

"Nebby!" The two children exclaimed.

Moon faced the boy. A surprised look crossed her face as she took a good look at him. He looked so much like her. The same height, same black hair and eyes, even the surprised look on his face mirrored hers.

"You have a pokemon named Nebby too?" He asked. His voice sounded like a boyish version of hers.

"Yeah. He was my friend's pokemon first but then she gave him to me," Moon answered.

"That's funny. My friend Lillie gave me my Nebby too," the boy said.

"That's the name of my friend!" Moon said.

"You have a friend named Lillie too?"

"Yeah. She's in Kanto right now, she left about a month ago."

"That's what happened to my friend. She went to Kanto because her mom's sick."

"Is her name Lusamine? Did she get possessed by an ultra beast?"

"Yeah and---she was the head of the Aether Foundation," the boy said.

"That's weird the same thing happened to me---wait what's your name?" Moon asked.

"My name's Sun," the boy said.

"I'm Moon," Moon introduced herself. "How old are you?"

"I'm twelve," Sun said.

"So am I! I turned twelve in April."

"My birthday's in April too! What day?" Sun asked.

"April 5th," Moon answered.

Sun's mouth hung open.

"My birthday's on April 5th," he said slowly.

Moon curiously stared at him. Her placed a hand over her chin.

"Where are you from?" She asked.

"Originally from Kanto but me and my mom moved to Melemele Island about a year ago," the boy responded.

Moon let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hand. Sun let out a shaky breath as he took in her reaction.

"Was it because your parents got a divorce? And your mom wanted to be close to her family back in Alola?" Sun asked.

Moon nodded.

"And then did you meet up with your cousin Kukui to start the Island Challenge?"

"Did you have a popplio as a starter?" Moon asked.

"No I had a litten but almost chose popplio," Sun said.

"I nearly chose a litten but went with popplio," Moon breathed.

The two children were quiet for a second before they started with another round of questions.

"What's your favorite color?"




"With rice?"


"Tv show?"

"Ash Ketchum's Master Adventure."

"Best friends in Kanto?"

"Hana and Riku."

"When Mom starts playing music while cooking it means---"

"We're having guests over for dinner."

"Dad told us that one time he went camping with Uncle Shiro in the Viridian Forest--"

"And saw a Zapados perched high up in a tree."

"Are you scared of shots?"

"Terrified. I cry whenever I get one."

"So do I."

"Do you think Lillie's cute?"

"Yeah. She's the first person I ever had a crush on."

Sun and Moon were stunned into silence. Moon took a step to the side and walked around the altar to the boy.

"How did you get here?" Sun asked.

"I woke up in the middle of the night because Nebby was trying to get out of his poke ball and we went to The Altar Of The Sunne. Nebby took me through this blue hole and I ended up in The Altar Of The Moone," Moon explained.

"Nebby was trying to get out of her poke ball too! Except I was helping my mom and Kukui fix up the front yard, and she told me to come here."

"We worked on the yard yesterday. Me and my mom gardened and Kukui mowed the lawn."

"That's what I was doing," Sun said.

Moon held out her hand to Sun. Sun did the same and placed his palm against hers. They studied how their hands matched perfectly up with each other's.

"Sun you don't think we're like twins right?" Moon asked.

"We--we are like twins. But from different places," Sun was amazed.

The two children smiled at each other and began to laugh.

"That is so cool!" Moon exclaimed.

"I know right!" Sun agreed.

"We could pass as twins. Ah but it won't be the same as identical twins switcharoo," Moon pointed out.

"Maybe if we dress alike and have our hair the same way. That would confuse everyone."

Sun and Moon laughed again. Two cries got their attention. Their Nebbys had returned.

"Nebby?" Sun and Moon exclaimed in unison.

The solgaleo and lunala stepped aside to reveal two baby cosmogs behind them.


The cosmogs floated in the air over to the trainers. Sun and Moon received them with outstretched arms.

"Oh my gosh! You're so tiny, " Moon held her cosmog close and pat the top of its head.

"It's really cute," Sun remarked as he held his out and inspected it.

The solgaleo and lunala looked down upon the trainers like two proud parents. Lunala leaned against solgaleo and they both cooed.

"I guess our Nebbys want us to take care of them," Moon figured.

"A new pokemon!" Sun exclaimed, excited.

The solgaleo let out another roar. Moon glanced up at him and nodded.

"I'm sorry Sun but me and Nebby gotta go before the dimension rip closes."

"It's ok. Will we see each other again?"

Lunala made a chiming sound.

"She says that the hole connecting our worlds forms during your night and my daytime so that means we can see each other!"

"Ok! How about you come over to my world during your day on Thursday?"

"Definitely will be there! Your house?"


Nebby let Moon and cosmog climb on top of him. With a roar he turned and they took off.

"See you soon Sun!" Moon called out.

"Take care Moon! Until next time!" Sun waved at her.

The boy watched Moon and her pokemon leave the courtyard and disappear into the shrine.
A pink light flashed from behind the streetlamp as Marinette transformed back. She leaned back into the pole and took a deep breath, feeling a puff of warm air blow back into her cheeks. Tikki's tiny wings furiously fluttered as snowflake after snowflake dragged her down closer to the ground. Marinette held her hand out and caught Tikki just in time. She gently brushed off the snow from Tikki's back and antennas. She cupped her hands together and held them up close to her face so that they were both at eye level.

"Well at least that's over," Marinette sighed with relief. "Adrien's safe, I still have time to get home and ready before the party starts, and I'll be able to sit back and relax without Hawkmoth and his akumas getting in the way."

Tikki's antennas twitched. Her eyes widened and her wings spread out as she glanced up at the sky. A worried expression crossed her face.

"Oh no! It--it can't be!" Tikki gasped.

"Tikki you ok? Oh wait I forgot--I don't have cookies with me," Marinette glanced down at her purse then back up at Tikki. "Is it ok if you wait until we get home? We've got a ton of sugar cookies and I don't think mom and dad will notice if I take a couple---"

"It's that man who was with Adrien! He's been akumatized and---" Tikki started.

"Hang on Tikki, if we're gonna go out there again we gotta get you something to eat first. Man does Hawkmoth even take a break? I mean so far he's akumatized someone on Halloween and now Christmas?"

"Marinette that man is Santa."

Marinette became quiet. She gazed down at Tikki with a puzzled look.


"Yes Santa!" Tikki exclaimed.

"But Tikki, Santa's not real, " Marinette pointed out.

"He is. Santa's been delivering presents on every Christmas Eve for hundreds of years. The thing is that no one really notices him because he uses a really strong magic to conceal himself. There are very few people who have seen him; not even most kwami get to meet him in person. Marinette, I know that you don't believe me but stop and think about it for a second. Those extra presents under the tree on Christmas Day, have you ever wondered who they're from? "

"Well when I was little I thought it was from Santa. Well now I think it's from my parents. Or from someone else in my family. Come to think of it my parents get confused by those extra presents too but they really don't question it," Marinette said.

"And he still brings you presents. And to your mom,dad, and everyone around the world who celebrates Christmas. It doesn't matter if you believe or not, he brings presents from the goodness of his heart. Marinette we have to help him! If he loses time being stuck here in Paris, millions of people won't get presents! Christmas will be ruined!"

The wind howled. It pushed Tikki forward, causing her to bump into Marinette. Marinette's pigtails swayed from side to side and she felt her hat lift up into the air and blow away. As Marinette reached out to grab it, something rocky and cold crashed against her neck. She flinched and glanced up to see what it was. Bullet sized chunks of snow pelted against her shoulders, arms and back. With a shout, Marinette cradled Tikki in one hand and burst out into a run. The wind nipped at her face, the hail weighed her down, but Marinette did not stop until a loud crack broke the midnight silence. She and Tikki gazed up to see that the storm came from the runners of a black sled that soared high above. A shadowed plump figure stood in the sled. It raised its hands out and let out a chilling laugh.

Marinette shakily breathed as she turned towards Tikki again. Holding her stance against the gust of wind that threatened to knock her down, Marinette's teeth chattered as she tilted her head to reveal the Miraculous that glowed a bright red against the white of the falling snow.

Serena made her way down the streets of Lumiose City in a daze; her ears throbbing with the sound of the cheering crowd, gripping tightly onto Loki, her delphox's hand as the confetti rained down on them. She could hardly believe it; if someone told her six months ago when she started on her pokemon journey that she and her fennekin would not only defeat Team Flare, but become the champion of the Pokemon league, she'd laugh because it sounded absolutely preposterous. She beamed up at Loki who responded with an equally as excited grin, also overwhelmed by the parade.

As they started out onto one of the side streets, one shout rose above the others.

"Lady S! Serena! Serena?"

Serena glanced behind her to see Calem staggering a few steps behind. He caught up to them and rested a hand on his knee. He took a deep breath and looked up at her.

"Hey Calem. What's up?" She cheerfully said.

He brushed one of his bangs off to the side on his forehead and blinked. His face went blank as he straightened his posture and stared nervously at her. His eyes widened.

"So uh--I uh--" he started.

Serena patiently waited for him to speak. He glanced away for a second before meeting her eyes again. He raised his arm back and placed his hand on the back of his head.

"I uh--I really want to--I was thinking maybe--that maybe--we could---I--no---you--"

Serena was confused. Calem was usually so blunt and to the point with her about wanting to have a pokemon battle that it was almost shocking to see him fumble about for words. She wondered what was up with him. Yeah, he could get intense at times, but he was so sweet too, and she cared a lot about him.

"Um Calem, I'm not up for a battle right now, but we could have one later," she said.

"No, it's not that I wanna battle you--I--I do, but I don't wanna battle you it's more we could battle---you and I--we could battle, you wanna come with me, go to--" He trailed off again with a crack in his voice.

Loki the delphox made a clucking sound. He clasped his hands together and held them close to his heart an let out an excited sound. He glanced over from Calem to Serena.

"Loki what's so funny? What?" Serena was confused.

"Serena, I mean--do you--we could--" Calem began again.

"And you're ok right Calem? You're not like sick or anything right?" She asked Calem.

"Not I'm not! It's just you--I--you're--we could go to, I really think--ugh! I'm sorry! I-I don't know how to say this!" Calem apologized.

"No, it's ok, you can tell me," Serena calmly said.

Loki the delphox gave Calem an encouraging nod. Calem took yet another deep breath and stared right into Serena's eyes.

"You wanna go to Le Yeah with me?" His whole face turned red.

Serena's mouth slightly opened to let out an oh She tilted her head, her heart pounding, as she tried to process what Calem just said.

"Like a date? " She curiously asked.

"I'll pay and everything! It'll be my treat! I thought we could do something cool to celebrate this together! And you like battling and so I thought--" Calem nervously said.

"You like me," Serena's voice had a lilt to it as it finally dawned upon her why Calem had been acting the way he did ever since they first met.

"I'm sorry if I'm freaking you out! I've never felt like this before and--"

"Of course I'll go with you," Serena interrupted him.

Calem was stunned into silence.

"I like you too," she admitted with a smile.

Loki the delphox motioned to Serena that they had to keep on moving since one of the floats was coming near. Trying hard to contain her excitement, Serena turned with a wave.

"So it's a date! Pick me up at Scyamore's!" She called out.

"Yeah! I'll be there at seven! And make sure to bring your best pokemon 'cause we got a lot of courses to battle though!" The old, upbeat Calem was back and he flashed her the biggest smile as he excitedly waved at her.

"You bet I will!See ya!"

Once Serena and Loki the delphox were out of Calem's sight, Loki turned and placed an arm around her. He let out a proud squeak and affectionately nuzzled his head against hers.

"Oh my god I can't believe it either! It's gonna be my first date ever! And with Calem!" Serena exclaimed with a squeal.

She and Loki the delphox continued down the road with a skip in their step.
Eevee dreamt that she was playing in a giant leaf pile. She raced towards it as fast as her tiny legs could carry her and landed with a graceful leap. She popped up with a few red and orange leaves nestled in her fur and laughed. She dove back down and rolled about the leaves, hearing a crinkling sound as they flattened underneath her weight. And for hours she played in the leaves until a sudden breeze came her way, sending the leaves circling about, and a shiver down her spine.

That was when eevee woke, curled up in her dogbed. She blinked a few times with a yawn and looked about. The blanket that her trainer had placed upon her the night before was now lying on the floor behind her. Eevee rose and picked up the blanket with her teeth before wrapping it around her. They lived in an old house that hadn't been installed with heating or air conditioning. Her trainer always made sure that eevee was comfortable, making sure she stayed cool during hot summer days, and now warm since fall had come.

Her nose twitched as the smell of something sweet wafted from the hallway. She followed it. The blanket once again fell to the floor as she almost burst into a run. The wooden floor creaked underneath, her mouth watered, and she could hear the sound of footsteps and the coffeemaker from the kitchen. She bounded through the archway, feeling the warmth break the chill on her skin and let out an excited shout as she saw her trainer, still in pajamas, checking out something in the oven. The trainer immediately turned around and smiled.

"Morning eevee! Did you sleep well?" The trainer knelt down and hugged her.

"Evai!" She answered, nuzzling her head against her trainer's shoulder.

"That's great! And I slept just fine. Guess what? I made a treat for breakfast! Have a seat up on the table and I'll bring it over."

"Evai!" She hopped up to her designated spot and sat down. She glanced behind her at the kitchen window and squinted through the sunlight streaming in. All of the leaves on the trees had already changed color and were beginning to fall. A blanket of yellow and orange leaves covered the once green lawn. And by the front door, a pumpkin sat near the house steps.

"Evai, evai."

"I know right it's beautiful. We could take a walk later, how about after breakfast? Later I need to rake the leaves," the trainer said while opening the oven door.

"Evai! Evai!"

"Of course you can play in the leaf piles, why do you think I leave them out there? I loved leaf piles as a kid, they were so much fun."

"Evai, evai," Eevee said.

"Why thanks eevee! I'd love to play with you," The trainer said, setting down a big orange loaf down on the cooling rack. Eevee sniffed the air again and let out another excited squeal.

"Evai!" Pumpkin bread was one of eevee's favorite fall dishes.

"Yep! I hope you have a big appetite!"

"Evai!" Eevee nodded.

"Let me get the drinks while it cools," the trainer filled up eevee's water bowl and set it down in front of her. She began to lap at it while the trainer filled up a mug with coffee and added milk and sugar. The trainer set out two dishes on the table and brought the loaf of pumpkin bread over. The trainer cut two big slices of the still steaming pumpkin bread and placed them on the dishes. Eevee squealed again as her plate was set in front of her.

"Already eevee dig in!"

"Evai!" She exclaimed. She leaned in and started to eat, careful to nibble so her mouth wouldn't get too hot. The pumpkin bread was soft and moist, melting in her mouth as she tasted the flavors of pumpkin, sugar, and cinnamon. As she paused for a second she looked up at her friend who was enjoying the special breakfast as much as she was.

"Evai," she thanked.

"No prob Eee. It's always nice to share a treat with a friend," her trainer replied.
Autumn Morning
I got the idea for this fic when I was making pumpkin bread this morning. Enjoy! 
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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