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Seeing Rose with him made her feel like she had been crushed to pieces.

They were inseparable. If she wasn't out on a mission and he working at the carwash or trying to get gigs. they were together. They blended in perfectly with the other young couples in the town: walking around hand in hand or with arms around each other, giggling at inside jokes only they understood, and sneaking in kisses at any chance.

Aren't those lovebirds adorable? The others oohed and aahed. They're perfect for each other

It broke Pearl down to the core. She thought that this relationship would be a passing thing, but Greg managed to stay with Rose for about a year now.

It wasn't fair. She was the one who was supposed to be with Rose. She, who had been by her side all these years. Who cherished her more than anyone else could. The one who was the closest to Rose and yearned to be even closer.

But from the moment Greg entered Rose's life, it was like Pearl didn't matter. If Rose harbored any affection towards her, it was long gone by now.

Day in and day out, Pearl kept on hearing the same updates on the relationship from Rose:

He wrote a song for me!

He got me a bouquet of roses!

He's so sweet!

You won't believe where we're going tomorrow!

She pretended that she didn't care. Trying to keep a blank face as she listened, her tone flat, curling her lips up into a fake smile if it was called for. But once she was alone, she let her feelings pour out. Huddled up in the darkness, shaking, sobbing as she screamed again and again:

What's so special about him?

Why would she fall for a human  

Why can't I be like that?

Why can't she just love me back

Why does it have to be him

Once she was done, she'd wipe off the last of her tears and return to the Gems. They didn't know. They would never know about her feelings for Rose.

Greg had everything Pearl wanted, but she knew there was one thing he didn't have. The ability to fuse. Oh how she lived to fuse with Rose. She jumped at any opportunity she got. On the battlefield, out of boredom, or to spite Greg. Flaunting Rainbow Quartz in front of him gave her a sick thrill, particularly knowing that he hadn't figured out yet that some Gems chose to fuse out of affection for each other.

Look at me Universe She'd think. Look what I can do with your lover

And with Rose as Rainbow Quartz, Pearl felt safe. It was as if she and Rose were stuck together in a permanent embrace. She could feel the warmth of Rose's body, how soft her thick, curly hair felt against her cheeks, the sensation of a kiss if she felt air brush against her lips or face. They were together and they were perfect. The queen and her knight, riding off into the sunset after defeating a vile enemy.

When they unfused, Pearl still remained in that state of bliss. At least until Rose was once again with Greg. Then, it would start all over again.

Rose lately had been refusing Pearl's suggestions to fuse. It worried Pearl a bit, but she assured herself that Rose would go back to fusing with her one day.  It didn't matter that Rose didn't want to fuse. It was they could connect in that way that mattered.
It was late in human terms, probably about two or three in the morning, but Pearl was waiting by the temple when Rose returned from her night out with Greg. She seemed awfully giddy; with a huge grin, flushed cheeks, and a giggle here and there. Pearl wondered what had happened this time. Probably something insignificant. Another present, an extravagant gesture. Rose always had been fascinated by such things.

Rose was lovely when she was that happy. Pearl tried to focus on that.

"You won't believe what happened tonight!" Rose said breathlessly.

"What?" Pearl asked.

Rose began to giggle again. She blushed harder than ever, her face nearly turning beet red.

"What happened?" Pearl was anxious. Nothing Greg had done before had made Rose act like this.

Rose took Pearl's hand and took a steadying breath.

"We fused," she excitedly squealed.

Pearl glanced at her, confused.

"Don't be silly, humans and gems can't fuse ," she said.

Rose beamed even more.

"I didn't say it was our fusion Pearl."

Pearl's jaw dropped. A shattering, sinking feeling overcame her as the sadness remerged as she realized exactly how Rose and Greg had fused.

She didn't say a word and could only listen as Rose in her excitement, began to tell her tale.

"So we went to a hotel on the outskirts of town since he hasn't gotten the apartment yet. We were nervous, I could tell he was, but it didn't take long for us to get settled in--"

For Pearl it was as if Rose's words were drilling into her head while her mind screamed:

Why did it have to be with him

Pearl felt herself loose her composure. What once was a blank stare turned into a heartbroken expression.

Rose did not notice. She was too caught up in her excitement about the events that had transpired earlier and her eagerness to tell them to someone.

"It was so exhilarating," she sighed. "I've heard so many stories of what happens when you make love, but I never thought it would be so much more. Just us, together like that--"

Pearl cringed as the images of Greg and Rose in that disgusting and primal form of intimacy flashed before her. Of bodies intertwined together and connected in ways foreign to gems. Of a heat exerted that rivaled that of the hottest jungles and deserts. And their bliss as their bond deepened until it burst into an ecstasy.  

Pearl's fists clenched as Rose kept on talking. Her whole body tensed up and the tears were welling in her eyes.

Suddenly fusion no longer seemed so special. How could she compete with that? Despite the disgust that she felt, Pearl wished she could experience the human fusion with Rose. She wanted to cling to Rose and feel her essence all around her. To love Rose and be loved by her. And with their union complete, no one could come between them.

But Pearl knew it would never be true. Rose loved Greg. All she cared about was Greg She didn't love Pearl. Maybe she never loved her at all…

"And it got so quiet that the only thing I could hear was his heartbeat. So I placed my head on his chest and listened--Pearl?"

She was trying so hard not to cry. She didn't want Rose to see her like this. She couldn't be so weak, not after all they had been through.


The agony she kept locked up for centuries shook inside her. But Pearl could muster only one phrase:

"That's disgusting."
Rated T For Teen And Contains Spoilers For The Wicked + The Divine 11


It's a whisper that floats around my ear, humming my name again and again. Light with a touch of huskiness, it guides me through the darkness.


I recognize who's calling me. I feel my hand shake by my side as I attempt to reach out and hold on. My heart still and lifeless, lifts.


I open my eyes and I see her staring down at me. She looks the same just as I saw her last. Dressed in the crisp white suit that looked as good as new despite the cigarette stains on the sleeves. Golden blonde hair that fell to her ears with a smoky black streak on the right side. Mischievous blue eyes that gaze down mournfully at me.

"Luci," I start, breaking into a smile. "You--"

But she pulls me into a hug before I can say anything else. Her face is close to my neck. Her hands grip my back.

"Laura," she breathes. She leans back and takes a good look at me. She cups my face and stares into my eyes. A tear falls from the corner of her eye.

"I never thought I'd see you again," I say.

"You weren't supposed to."

It still hasn't sunk in that I died. A part of me wants to believe that the blow that Ananke gave me was fake. That I'd live out the rest of my days as a goddess, entertaining and inspiring others just like The Pantheon did for me. But seeing Luci here in front of me, tears streaming down her face, clinging to me, forces me to face the hard cold truth.

"They did this to you," she sobs. "They fucking did this to you!"

My arms wrap around her. I'm crying too.

"There's nothing you could have done," I tell her.

"I wanted to protect you. If I was alive--"

We're both at a loss for words. We sit there, rocking back and forth, lamenting our deaths.

She kisses me. My forehead, cheeks, lips, hair. I shiver as I feel her lips against me, puckering up mine to press against her skin. I taste a warmth on my mouth as our lips meet. It's like fire and I feel it bubble inside me as our kiss deepens.

I don't want to let go of her. I thought I lost her forever.

When she breaks off, her eyes are still closed. She blinks back the last of her tears and she opens her eyes again. Her lips part.

"I'm glad you're here with me."

Luci smiles. She's beautiful when she smiles.

We embrace again. I kiss her head and whisper in her ear:

"I don't think I've met anyone who's touched my life more than you."

"Is this a love confession?" She coyly asks.

"Maybe," I laugh.

We stand up. She takes my hand.

"Come along now," she says. "We have eternity don't we?"

We walk off into the dark.
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 
"Hey mom?" Billy called out as he walked in the front door. "Mom? It's Billy. I'm just gonna leave this spell boo--"

He stopped in his tracks. Wanda came out of the kitchen, followed by a tall, black-haired, familiar young man.

"Loki!" Billy blurted out.

"Hey Billy!" Loki waved.

"What-what are you doing here?"

"Loki's helping around the house," Wanda answered. "Isn't that sweet of him?"

"Sweet?" Billy exclaimed, aghast.

"Well I can be charming," Loki winked. "Now if you excuse me, I have to go back to fixing the pipes."

Loki slid back into the kitchen.

"Um," Billy held out the spell book he borrowed. "I came to give this back. I better get going."

"No, you can keep it," Wanda handed it back to Billy. "Sure you don't want to stay over for awhile? I haven't seen you in a while."

"It's urgent! Ok love you bye!"

Billy rushed out of the house. He gazed down at the ground as he walked along the sidewalk.

"Come on Billy you're just imagining things," he told himself. "She said that Loki was just helping around the house."

Helping out was something that Loki was incapable of doing. Anything Loki touched ended up getting absolutely screwed up beyond repair. Billy learned that from the fiasco last year with the Mother Parasite.

And didn't he want to sock a giant punch right in the middle of Loki's smug face?

Why on earth would his mother want Loki's help unless--

An expression of pure squick washed over Billy's face.

"No," he shut his eyes tight. "No. She possibly can't see him that way. That's so gross!"

He tripped and fell on his hands and knees. He got up with an ouch and headed on his way, deeply disturbed.
The next set of visits seemed to confirm his suspicions. Loki was around every time Billy came over. Cleaning the attic, repairing cabinets, fixing the computer, even making lunch for Billy and Wanda.

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry," Billy nudged the sandwich on his plate. It was a meatball sub. Once upon a time, Billy loved meatball subs.  Now it was on top of the things that had been ruined by Loki list. Thanks Loki

Loki and Wanda were already digging into their sandwiches, and clearly enjoying them.

"This is delicious!" Wanda said. "Tell me. What's your secret?"

"I guess you can say I gave it some extra special lovin'," Loki chuckled.

Billy wanted to gag.

"You have such a corny sense of humor," Wanda pointed out with what looked like a smile.

She was smiling at him.

Billy started to rack his mind, hoping that there was a spell that blocked out unnecessary dialogue. They both were laughing now about some stupid story about Thor.

"Agh! Runaway meatball!" Wanda exclaimed as one of the meatballs shot out of her sandwich with a spurt of tomato sauce. It landed on her plate.

"Guess you need a better grip " Loki remarked.

"It's very juicy," she said. "Seems to slip outta my mouth."

Skip gagging. Billy wanted to puke all over the table.
Billy headed out to the backyard, hoping that he could swim in the pool.

Instead, he found Loki mowing the lawn, only wearing a pair of black shorts and flip-flops.

"You're here!" Billy dropped the beach bag he was carrying.

"What?" Loki turned the lawn mower off.

"Hi Loki," Billy quickly called out.

"Oh hey Billy! Whew!" Loki leaned over the lawn mower, sweat dripping down his forehead.

"What's going on?"

Wanda rushed out, clad only in a towel.

"Ah, nothing. Whew! Isn't it hot out here?" Loki wiped his brow.

"You should take a break. Why don't you two go for a swim?" Wanda started to head back into the house.

"But first Loki," she pointed her finger at a patch of grass. "You missed that spot."

Billy could feel his jaw drop as Wanda slid the door closed and went back inside the house.
"Tommy this is serious."

"Code red? What's going on?" Came Tommy's voice from the other end.

"I don't want you to freak out, but it's  mom."

"Is mom ok? Is she sick? Don't tell me she's gonna die or something!"Tommy frantically said.

"No…not that. She's--"


"Mom's--" Billy started nervously.

"Just spit it out already! Dude!"

"I think Mom's dating Loki!"


"Tommy?" Billy asked, worried.

A giggle. Then another.

"Aw man! Dude! Is this a joke or something?" Tommy laughed.

"No! I swear! Mom's dating Loki!" Billy exclaimed.

"That's a good one!" There came a thud sound, as if Tommy was banging his fist on a table.

"You're not taking this seriously!"

"Little bro,there's a thing called attraction," Tommy dragged out the syllables as he spoke. "No one can explain it. And we must respect people's ability to crush on the weirdest people even if it is gross "


"Billy," Tommy answered. "Mom's probably fine."

"But it's Lo--"

Tommy had hung up. Billy listened to the static before the call ended.
Billy kicked open the door and stormed in. Fists clenched, shoulders rolled back, he moved forward to the kitchen where the noise was coming from.

"Thank you so much."

"Don't mention it."

Billy leaned back against the wall. He turned his head to the left, trying to get a glimpse of--

"And hey, if you need anything, just call me."

He saw--

His mother hugging Loki.

Billy stepped out with a shout. They broke apart.


"I-I can't believe you Mom!" Billy yelled. "Loki! Loki? "


"Loki is absolute trash! I can't believe you're going out with him!"

"I object to that!" Loki interjected. "That's only half true."

"Billy we-"

"He's just gonna mess with you Mom! He's just gonna play you like he's played everyone else!"

"Look I'm sorry--honestly sorry about what I did to you guys, but hear me out--" Loki started.

"Why should I listen to you!" Billy lunged at Loki.

"Billy, Loki and I are just friends!" Wanda shouted.

Billy froze in his spot.


"We're just friends," Wanda repeated. "He's been around the house a lot  because Thor referred him."

"I can vouch that," Loki jumped in. "Long story short: I wanted money. I would have gone about obtaining money my own way if my brother hadn't interfered. Money laundering and gambling aren't really things that agree with him. So he heard that Wanda's house needed a fixer- upper and gave me her number."

"And it just so happens that he's not that bad to be around," Wanda said. "Well, he could improve his humor…among other things."

"My humor isn't that bad," Loki protested.

Both Billy and Wanda rolled their eyes.

"I'm not even looking to date anyone now," Wanda walked over to Billy and put her hand on his shoulder. "Some things are more important than others. With the mess that's happened in Genosha, everything's just been about family. Right now, I just wanna spend more time with you and Tommy because I'm scared that it's gonna get to a point where I won't have a family anymore."

She blinked back tears. Billy reached out and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry Mom," he told her.

"It's ok," she said.

"Aww isn't this sweet?" Loki cooed. "A real family moment."

"Loki," mother and son said in an annoyed tone.

They all laughed.
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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