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Could It Ever Be True? by GoldenGirl954
Could It Ever Be True?
I'm a sucker for ships that involve guys with a corny sense of humor and girls who get annoyed with them so I drew Ladybug and Chat Noir based on this comic cover of another like minded ship:… 

I wanted to try coloring different ways too. I think digital might have come out better.
The charity fundraiser was topped off by a Ladybug lookalike contest, judged by Chat Noir and Ladybug herself. There were three separate categories one could enter: child, teen, and adult, and Chloe Bourgeois was determined the win the teen section.

As the children went up, Chloe pushed her way through the twenty girls and one guy waiting in line.

"Get out of my way!" She hollered. She cut to the front.

Her long suffering friend and costume attendant Sabrina made her way to her side and started to take care of the finishing touches on her costume.

"How do I look?" Chloe asked she watched Sabrina attach her prop yo-yo to her belt.

"You are so totally gonna win!" Sabrina gushed. "I mean you look exactly like her."

"Of course I'm gonna win! I'm the only one here who actually paid attention to her outfit. Everyone else looks like they just stitched a few rags together and threw black paint on it!"

They laughed. The kids behind them groaned.

Applause came from the auditorium. Chloe smoothed back her ponytail and stood upright.

"And now for our teen contestants first one up is--" The announcer started.

She strutted onstage. Ladybug and Chat Noir glanced at each other in confusion.

"Chloe Bourgeois!" She proudly exclaimed. She got into a fighting stance and winked at them.

Ladybug leaned in and whispered something to Chat Noir. He shrugged.

By then Chloe had begun her routine. A few hand movements, a kick, descending into the action girl crouching pose.

She got up, bowed, and dramatically walked off.

Sabrina was waiting for her.

"Oh my god you were like incredible!" She exclaimed.

"I know!" Chloe grabbed her hands. They burst into giggles as they jumped up and down.
All the contestants filed onstage at the end of the show.

"And ladies and gentlemen we are ready to announce our winners!" The announcer exclaimed as he took out three envelopes from his pocket. "And the winner for the best Ladybug lookalike in the children's category goes to… Camille Palomer!"

A seven year old girl on the far right hand side of the stage let out an excited squeal. She ran over to Ladybug and Chat Noir and hugged them.

Everyone let out a collective awww. They handed her a trophy. Another hug and she was back with the others in her group. They crowded around her, oohing and <aahing> over the trophy.

"The winner for our teen lookalike goes to--"

Chloe grinned, sure that victory was hers…

"Victoria Leclair!"

A sixteen year old girl behind her whooped. She started across the stage.

Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs.

"This isn't fair!" She shouted. "How could you choose her? "

"We're sorry Chloe but Chat and I both agreed that she had the best costume," Ladybug said apologetically.

"Miss Leclair also had better cattitude," Chat Noir added.

The audience laughed at his joke. Chloe's face turned red.

"I was supposed to win! " Chloe shrieked. "I spent two weeks preparing for this! You can't just give it to some girl who waddles like a pig when she moves and whose costume isn't even the right shade of red!"

"Chloe, Miss Leclair won fair and square," Ladybug said flatly.

"You liar!" Chloe screamed.

"Miss Bourgeois we're going to have to ask you to leave the stage," the announcer told her.

Chloe stormed off. Sabrina was waiting for her in the wings.

"Chloe I--"

"Don't talk to me!" Chloe snapped at her as she left the backstage area.

She went into the women's room and started bawling in one of the stalls.

"I'm the best Ladybug!" She sobbed. "That trophy should be mine the rest are just wannabe posers!"

She flushed the toilet to drown out her cries. Black eyeliner ran down her cheeks.

"This is the worst day of my life! "

She felt a light warmth vibrate around her eyes. A flash of pink popped out before her and a man's voice echoed in her head.

"Antibug, I am Hawkmoth. Defeat stings but revenge is sweeter. All I ask in return are the Miraculouses."

The image of a pair of red earrings with black polka dots and a black ring with a green center flashed before her. The rage coursed through her. She began to change…

"Yes," Chloe manically laughed. "YES !"

The prop yo-yo that hung from the belt at her waist glowed black. She took it and swung the string around. With one hit, she knocked down the stall door.
"Alright everyone let's take it from line ten!" The Director said.

Adrien and the other actor, a boy in their grade, positioned themselves center stage and faced each other. Adrien folded and pocketed his script. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

In the pit, Marinette and the other actors and crew looked on. They had gone over all the scenes in the play except for act one scene three:the confrontation between the evil prince and the rebel lord that was the catalyst for the war. The director had special directions for the actors to draw on their personal experiences so they could relate to the characters' emotions.

"And go!"

Adrien opened his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth stretched into a sneer.

"How dare you sir!" He shouted. "How dare you! I welcomed you into my house with open arms! I gave you my hospitality! I treated you as an equal!"

"My lord the truth may be hard to bear but you must hear it!" The boy shot back.

"You vile creature! Do you have no pity for the dead? Do you laugh at the tears of those who still mourn?"

"I shed tears when the dead deserves it!" The boy said bitterly.

You insulted my mother!" Adrien shrieked at the top of his lungs.

Everyone's jaws dropped.

His pupils widened so much that they overshadowed his green irises. His whole face turned red and his teeth sunk down on his bottom lip as he sharply sucked in air to deliver the next line.

"She did more for this kingdom than any man who ever lived! She and she alone vanquished our enemies in battle," Adrien's voice resonated through the auditorium. "She gave us peace--"

"But at what price?"

"You hold your tongue!" Adrien's voice cracked as it warped into a shrill scream. "Say another slanderous lie and I'll cut it out! "

Goosebumps prickled on Marinette's arms. She huddled her knees close to her chest and buried her head in her knees as if she were the one Adrien was screaming at.

The other kids in the pit were cringing. The boy acting opposite Adrien tried hard to stay in character as his face turned sheet white and beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. Even the director looked terrified.

"Adrien, it's I'll defend her honor 'til the day I die," The Director corrected him.

"You are lower than a worm!" Spit flew from Adrien's mouth. "You're not even a worm. You're nothing! Nothing! GO TO HELL!" He screamed.

"GO-- "

Adrien froze in his spot and all the color drained from his face. He burst into a coughing fit.

He jumped off the stage to his backpack and grabbed his water bottle. He drank all of it in two gulps.

"Oh god," he said hoarsely. "Oh god I'm so sorry! You guys ok?"

Everyone started to cheer as they gathered around him.

"Oh my god man I almost thought it was real! " The boy playing the rebel lord laughed. He went over to Adrien and clapped him on the back.

"Incredible job!" The Director exclaimed. "Just try to stay close to script next time ok?"

"I am so sorry for that," Adrien was blushing. "I really don't know what happened, it was like something took over me there."

"How about we take a five minute break?" The Director suggested.

Several of the kids left the auditorium. Adrien reached into his bag for another bottle of water. Marinette kneeled down next to him.

"Wow that was amazing! How--how did you do it?" She asked.

"It's embarrassing really," he said with a laugh as his hand absentmindedly went to the back of his head.

"I can keep a secret," Marinette said. "I'll keep it with my heart--I--I mean soul--I mean. I won't tell anyone. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Adrien smiled. He leaned in and whispered in Marinette's ear:

"I based it off the tirades my dad always goes on whenever someone criticizes Coco Chanel."
Thirty seconds on the clock.

Marinette and Adrien furiously pressed down on the control buttons as they shouted at the screen.

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Power up!"

A flash of light. Their robot absorbed the energy ball and charged full speed at the opponent.

"Weak spot's on the left!" Marinette exclaimed as she dodged the opponent's blow.

"Got it!" Adrien slammed his thumb down on A.

The blasters rumbled. The lasers fired. The robot exploded into nothingness.

You win! Neon green letters flashed on the screen.

The two cheered.


"We did it!"

They turned and high fived. Their hands interlaced and a force pulled them in.


They jolted back.

"Oh uh," Marinette turned red. "I uh--oh god-- I don't know what came over me--I---I'm so sorry! I--I didn't mean to--oh god this is a disaster, oh god I--"

Adrien placed his hand back in hers.

"It's ok," he said.

He smiled at her.

"Um. Adrien?" She asked.

"I um," he was blushing now. "I didn't mind."

He leaned in again. Marinette closed her eyes. Her lips puckered up as she kissed him back.
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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I hope I can write a lot of cool fanficton :-)

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