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Takes place after Stakes. Contains some spoilers

Marceline thought she would be pooped out after being turned back into a vampire. She didn't expect to be floating back and forth across the living room.

The same memories played over and over. Could have beens. Should have beens. Can't change and won't change. It made her frustrated. She already had her epiphany, it was high time for her thoughts to pack up and leave and return to the back of her head until they had a reason to pop up again. Unless, of course, they were trying to tell her something.

Duh. Resolve stuff. But what?

Where to start?

This was a once in a lifetime chance. If she could change anything for the better, what would she do?

Marceline closed her eyes.

She remembered the dream she had when she got poisoned. Images of Bonnie flashed in her head. How sweet she looked. Her bright eyes and wide smile. How she kissed the top of her thinning hair and wrinkled head. It made Marceline's heart feel warm and glow. She felt more than happy. She felt complete.

When was the last time she ever felt like that?

And with that she knew what she needed to do.

She lifted herself up once more and flew out into the night sky. Wings burst from her back as she carried herself as fast as she could to The Candy Kingdom.

Marceline reached the balcony. Softly, she touched ground. Her wings sunk back in as she peeked into PB's room.

"Bon?" She called out.

PB was not in her bed. She glanced about again.


She began to climb over the railing.


There came a creak from the other side.


PB had appeared at the window. She was dressed in a nightgown, her pink hair in a tangled mess, and her eyes were filled with sleep, but Marcy had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

"Bonnie. Bonnie I--" Marceline stuttered.

Their eyes met. Marceline's hand reached out and cupped Bonnie's cheek.

PB tilted her head,closing her eyes for a second to feel how soft Marceline's hand felt against her skin. She then gazed back up at her, half smiling, half close to tears.

With a shaky breath Marceline leaned in and kissed her. Her lips had barely even brushed against Bonnie's when she pulled her in close. And Marceline held on to her so tight; tasting bubblegum on her lips,feeling her rosy fingers run through her long black hair. She didn't want to let go. She never wanted to let go.
FADE IN from black.  Gioachino Rossini's The Thieving Magpie plays.  A VOICEOVER comes over:

During the making of this short we contacted various A list actors and animators to help us with our production. Sadly after numerous phone calls, tweets, and promos, none of them answered back. So we had to improvise. The voice talents featured here are: Steve, Bill, Terry, and myself.  All animation was done by Kate, Wendy, and John. Shout out to our intern Bob for providing coffee and research! We love you Bob! Get well soon!

DISSOLVE to the title card of the animated short: Magpie Thieving 101  

Magpie 1: Bill
Magpie 2: Steve
Magpie 3: Kyle
Background People: Terry and Bill

The song fades out

Scene: A Park

It is a warm spring/summer day. The park is filled with people. ZOOM IN to two MAGPIES  perching on a tree branch.

(Has a high pitched, electronic, mysterious sounding voice)
Oh boy! It sure is a great day to rob the crap outta somebody (turns head to MAGPIE 2) Check this out!

MAGPIE 1 takes flight. He swoops down and lands in the middle of a park table where a group is eating

(frantically flapping his wings)Squawk! Squawk! I'm a magpie! This is a stickup! I'm gonna steal your stuff!

MAGPIE 1 hops his way all over the table, knocking over glasses and plates. There is a commotion as the group try to force him to leave

Don't mind if I do! (picks up as much food as he can) You can't catch me! Ha! Ha! Ha!

He flies off, cackling manically. The humans shout. He lands back on the branch

See! I scored! (He takes a bite of food)

(Has a brooding English accent)
What are you a pigeon?

Excuse me?

How can you call yourself a magpie?

Whoa man like what's your problem?

Well look at yourself! You think this is all just a game? Stumbling about like a drunk elephant at some measly circus? Bellowing at the top of your lungs so all can hear you? Let me tell you it would have been a true spectacle if you just choked on your food and collapsed in your own pool of vomit!

But it works man! Why can't you just respect that we have different ways of getting the job done?

Thieving is an art and I take it seriously. You look like a dick.

But we're magpies! We're supposed to be dicks

Where's your intelligence? Where's the trickery? Where's the grace and elegance? And you'd stoop so low just for food? Let me show you how it's done.

MAGPIE 2 takes flight. He lands in front of a WOMAN sitting on a park bench. She is wearing a shiny necklace which the camera lingers on. CUT back to MAGPIE 2 who gazes up at her

Aw! You're so pretty!

(tilts head and flirtatiously winks) Coo.

Aw man like that's like totally gross! She's a human!

MAGPIE 2 coos again. The Thieving Magpie plays. He begins to hop about as if he were dancing. CLOSE UP on the feet as he moves them as if he were tap dancing.  Another CLOSE UP as he raises his wings about and spins. ZOOM OUT.

(Rolls eyes) Ugh!

The woman laughs and claps.

Oh my god I have to take a video of this!

She reaches for her phone in her bag. MAGPIE 2 flies off

Aw man!

She does not realize that MAGPIE 2 is behind her and is undoing her necklace. He skillfully removes it and flies off again. The woman feels that something is off but doesn't know what it is until she places a hand close to her neck

My necklace!

MAGPIE 2 returns to the branch.

(Gloating) See? (Dangles the necklace in front of MAGPIE 1) Ha! Now I scored.

(Huffs and turns away from him) I'm not taking advice from a pretentious asshole like you!

I am not pretentious!

Yes you are!

No I'm not!

Yes you are!

No I'm not!

Thunder cracks and a low demonic rumbling voice is heard:

You both have failed.

The two birds turn to see that MAGPIE 3 has joined them on the branch. He is bigger than the other two and has red eyes.

Oh hey man, what's up?

Look at you birdbrains! Squabbling over the most petty of issues. Why waste your time on material gain when there is more valuable treasure to be gained?

Oh yeah? Like what pal? The middle ages are over and we ain't going to heaven! What could better than just stuff?

Why young one I'm glad you asked. Come children. (Beckons with his wing) Let me show you.

He takes flight. Cut to a group of seven children playing jumprope. MAGPIES 1 and 2 watch from a tree above

Is he gonna take the jumprope?

Don't be stupid. He wouldn't do that.

The children are chanting the magpie rhyme. The camera pans from left to right as they play.

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
And four for--

MAGPIE 3 lands close by and looks up at them. The children stop their play.

It's a magpie! It's a magpie!

After a few seconds of intense staring MAGPIE 3 flies away, but is still in sight.

Awww! It flew away!

One of them a BOY glances off towards where the magpie flew off and calls out:

Wait! Come back!

He runs after it. Magpies 1 and 2 follow.

Oh Mr. Magpie! Mr. Magpie! Where'd you go? Come back! Come back!

He arrives in an abandoned clearing. There is little sunlight and the area is filled with bushes and trees. The two magpies look out from behind a bush.

What could--

MAGPIE 1 shushes him. The boy turns. A rustle is heard as MAGPIE 3 steps out into the middle of the clearing. His red eyes light up in the darkness

Oh there you--

A demonic hiss is heard which turns into a shriek. CUT to the other two magpies as they watch the scene in horror and begin to shout

Oh my god! Holy shit!

(Covering his eyes with his wings) Oh my god! Oh my god!

What the hell is wrong with him?

I'm gonna be sick! I can't look!

I can't do this anymore man! Why? Why?

MAGPIE 2 whimpers. CUT to the BOY'S shadow illuminated on the bush. He collapses to the ground. Silence falls.

CUT to the two magpies who are clinging to each other, terrified. MAGPIE 3 approaches them. Smoke surrounds him and his eyes are redder than ever.

Now that boys is how you steal. Now if you excuse me, I have an appointment with the devil.

He flies off. Magpies 1 and 2 gaze at him before MAGPIE 1 turns to MAGPIE 2


MAGPIE 2 faints


One of two post credit scenes is shown

Scene: The Park

The group of children are talking amongst themselves. The BOY enters. He is visibly upset and has a thousand yard stare. They look and see him.

There you are! We were worried about you!

Wanna play some more?



ZOOM IN on his eyes. They flash red

Scene: Hell

It is a typical scene of hell. Fires burn, the screams of the damned are heard. CUT to THE DEVIL who stands in a middle of a rocky wasteland and has an annoyed expression.

What in my kingdom's name do you want? Leave! Shoo! Shoo!

CUT to Magpie 3. He opens his mouth and lets out a demonic caw
Magpie Thieving 101
A script I came up with. Any references may or may not be intentional. Enjoy!
The line for the haunted house stretched from the front steps of the YMCA all the way down to the edge of town. It was just after sundown. The night air was cool and still. All was dark except for dim yellow glow of streetlights and the crescent moon that hung above. Groups of preteens and teens dressed in costumes eagerly awaited their turn to enter. Two stood out:  Loki and Leah, dressed in Midgardian clothing.

"Come to think of it, we really should of stayed in our normal outfits," Loki remarked as he scanned the line.

"Easy for you to say. You Asgardians have servants to tend to your every whim. I actually have to wash my dress. Do you know how long it takes for a dress to dry in a damp and dirty cave?" Leah replied cooly.

"But it's Halloween!" Loki exclaimed. "It's the one day we can go about and no one will look at us weirdly! I mean look! You can dress up as a zombie and no one bats an eye!"

"Their attempts at replicating one are disastrous," Leah looked over at a group of college kids who were dressed up as characters from the Walking Dead.

"Ah who cares! Fun is all that matters," he said with pizazz.

They were close to the front of the line, packed tightly in between The Walking Dead group and three girls dressed up as witches who appeared to be in high school. As the line started to move again, Loki stumbled and bumped into Leah's side.

"Sorry!" He exclaimed apologetically. His hand hovered awkwardly over her shoulder before giving it a pat. He then moved back and stood still.

They weren't the most open of people, but even she could tell that something was off with the way he went about the gesture. It was apprehensive, but not due to fear of how she would retaliate like before. (Her mistress had trained her well in the ways of earning respect) The past several months they got to know each other very well to the point where she finally was able to analyze the predictability to his unpredictability, and he more comfortable around her.

It wasn't fear. She couldn't put her finger on it but there was something about his behavior that seemed oddly familiar.

Loki and Leah walked into the YMCA to give their tickets at the welcome desk. They were then shown to the gym where the haunted house began. The doors were covered in spiderwebs and vines, above hung a half broken wooden sign that read: No Trespassing: Property Of Doctor Skelestien A B movie horror soundtrack played from the speakers. Just as they were about to go in, Loki tapped her on the shoulder.

"Want to hold hands?" He held his hand out to her.

"Why would I do that?" Leah asked.

"Uh--in case one of us gets scared?"

"Loki. We've faced actual monsters. Do you really think that a bunch of people dressed in costumes is going to scare us?" Leah was annoyed.

"But--but--um--what if it's done well? And we're like really really scared?"

"Fine." Leah placed her hand in his'. He wasn't wearing his gloves today. It felt odd to feel his skin. It was soft and unusually warm.

He led the way inside. It was dark. The lights flickered on and off.

Loki always had a comeback. A god as crafty and cunning as he had to be fast on his feet and quick with his mind. The way he had faltered while talking to her made her wonder if he was alright.

Wait. She shouldn't be so concerned about his well being. She had to be selective about who she could trust. Then why did she care about something as stupid as this?

"Ooh maybe we'll see some ghosts," Loki said in the tone of voice most people used when talking about things that were scary. His free hand moved up and his fingers twitched.

Never mind, the one drop of anything that cared was quickly flushed out from her mind.

"R-iight," she rolled her eyes.

The first stop was the living room. Bloodstains covered the carpet and the furniture had been overturned. The description on the sign read that the mad scientist had been murdered in that room by one of his experiments. His body still lay there and his creations roamed free, looking for blood.

"But where's the body?" Leah wondered.

Suddenly a figure jumped out of the shadows. It was the scientist: his clothes were covered in blood, bite marks were drawn on his neck, and dark circles covered his eyes. He lunged towards the crowd as if possessed.

Loki let out a shriek. He squeezed her hand tightly.

"That's not even that frightening," she said. It was almost comical how the actor groaned and waved his arms about, stepping close to the group but never actually touching them.

"I'm just kidding with you! I'm not scared!" Loki cockily said.

At that moment, another actor dressed as a zombie-ghoul creature darted in and swooped down on the scientist. He tore through the lab coat, revealing a realistic looking layer of rotting flesh. He pretended to sink his teeth in it.

Loki screamed again. Leah turned and began to drag Loki towards the room exit, not wanting another scene to play out.

"Leah what--"

The two children pushed through the tour group, knocking down everyone in their path. Out of breath, they stopped in the hallway.

"Loki what has gotten into you?" Leah exclaimed as she yanked him towards her.

"I-I-" He had turned red. His eyes avoided her gaze; with a third guilty, third fearful, and something else she did not recognize, look in them as he glanced back at the living room.

"You're not normally so cowardly!"

"I really don't know what came over me!" He shot back. "I-I-I swear!"

"Well then figure out what did!" She was getting frustrated again. "Honestly Loki you're one of the most difficult beings I have ever met!"

Loki frowned. The sliver of compassion washed over again as she softly looked right at him. He stared back, his eyes wide, and full of the strange look once more. She felt something stir inside of her. Not bile or vomit, but something airy and lifting that tumbled about somewhere between her chest and stomach.

"And you're still clinging to my hand!" She angrily said. Her hand had turned a deep red with a purple tinge around the knuckles.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Loki slid out of her grasp. He wiped his hand on his sleeve before facing her again. His palms had become awfully sweaty.

"Well then let's move on!" He exclaimed, upbeat once more.

She let out a sigh. He confused her just as much as she confused him.
His reactions to the jumpscares had somewhat improved. He either attempted to play it cool as the Midgardians called it by acting overly cocky, or simply flinched with a shout whenever a costumed person jumped out at them. It was annoying but tolerable; anything was better than him screaming like a banshee and nearly severing her arm off in her mind.

Leah wanted to believe that it was for show. He definitely was pretending to be brave, but why in the nine realms would he pretend to be scared? The so called "haunted house" was a poor excuse for inciting terror. Were people so incredibly stupid to not notice that the actors kept using the same tricks to scare them? She could understand the Midgardians, but not Loki. He was many things but he was not stupid. If he came down here on any other day he'd be all for making jokes. What changed? Was this "fear" supposed to impress her? He was failing miserably. The only thing that kept her from wanting to slap him was that he was being absolutely ridiculous which was…cute?



Did she sink so low that she actually was beginning to believe that Loki and his antics were cute?

This house was driving her insane.

The two were close to the last exhibit. Somehow they had ended up holding hands again.

"It's just this way!" Loki pointed with his free hand. "The final destination! The boss battle of all boss battles!"

She sighed for the fiftieth time. If he was going to make another pop culture reference she was going to kill him.

"And the brave Mario rescues his princess and the two lovers kiss as the credits roll. No wait! Wrong scenario we're in a haunted house."

Leah glanced down to see that her shoelaces had come undone. She retied them. She looked up to see that Loki held his hand out to her.

"Thank you," she said as she was pulled up.

Once she was up on her feet, she began to turn.

"Let's just get this over with! If I have to see one more--"

She didn't feel the weight of Loki's body drag behind her. She faced him again.

"What is it now?" She exclaimed.

He blinked. Their hands were still clasped together as he took a step in.

"Will you stop acting so weird for once? Unless if you're mortally ill please don't! It almost makes me pity you!"

He took a deep breath. He had the same expression on his face: the third fearful, third guilty, and the something else that was at the tip of her tongue but evaded her.

"Speak to me!" She was getting frustrated again. "Say something! You've been like this all night! What is wrong with you?"

His upper body leaned in. He took a shaky breath. Sticky warm air that smelled like sweets floated right into her face. She coughed to look up and see that he was only inches away from her and his lips were beginning to jut out--

It finally clicked.

"Are you trying to kiss me?"

He froze.

"I--I---" He slid back. "I-I-"

"Don't try to make excuses! You--you were going to kiss me and-- you're flirting with me!"

It sunk in.

"Oh my god! You--you're flirting with me! You've been flirting with me all night!"

"Am not!" It was his turn to get all defensive.

"Are too!"

"I don't flirt like that!"

"Oh really? Then how do you flirt?"

"I--" He had been cornered. "I--"

"Will you stop being all wishy-washy and be direct with me for once? " Leah shouted. "Do you like me or not!"

Loki screamed.

"Stop being a baby!" She yelled. "I could conjure up a speck of dust and it would be more terrifying than anything this house has!"

"Leah! Behind you!" His voice cracked and his eyes grew wide.

She looked.

Two red circles lit up in the dark. A screech came as smoke filled the room. It approached them with a howl.

The two children let out a scream and grabbed onto each other. Leah's heart raced as she took a step back, feeling her arms wrap around Loki's chest.

" Run! "

They took hands again and ran. It chased after them, swatting wildly at the air with its hooked hand.

"What is it?" She shrieked.

"I don't know! I don't know!" He frantically said.

They zigzagged down the hallway. The sound of its heavy footsteps echoed all around them. Its high pitched yell nearly burst her eardrums.

"The exit must be that way!"

They rounded the corner to find that they hit a dead end.

"Oh no! We're trapped!" Loki shouted.

A blinding red light hit them. Through shaking hands, Leah could make out the figure of the creature, tall, dark, and nothing like she had ever seen in her life.

She clung to Loki. She buried her head in his shoulders, trying not to cry or scream. His face had turned pale and he had his eyes squeezed tight as he pulled her in again.

"Leah--I-- if we ever get outta this alive--let's go out for milkshakes and forget this ever happened!"

"Save it for later!" Leah turned to glance back at the creature. "I can't be defeated like this! We can't be defeated like this!"

"But how--"

"We have to try something! "

She held her right hand out and closed her eyes. She felt Loki's hand slide into her free one. She squeezed it back, feeling the warmth that overcame her mix with the adrenaline running through her veins.

"It's coming!" He yelled.

She started to focus. She felt the energy surge from the palm of her hand. It materialized.

"Tell me where to aim!" She told him.

It roared.


She fired.


His free hand was on her shoulder. He gently pulled her back.


She must have hit something crucial because it did not seem to advance. A shrill beeping sound came.

"Right--no left! Get down! Get down!"

She could see sparks of red, and silver. There came a crash and a bright white light flashed before them. Her legs wobbled and and she fell. Something heavy fell over her.

A dark gray foul smelling smoke stung her eyes and nostrils accompanied by cackling electricity. Bits of metal and wire were scattered all over the floor. Loki knelt by her side. His face and clothes were covered in dust and soot. He looked incredibly worried and scared.

She coughed. He laughed and a huge smile of relief stretched across his face. His cheeks were flushed and dimpled, and it looked so comforting after the whole chaos that she almost smiled back.

He helped her to her feet and faced her again.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't think it would be this bad, and I'm just happy that you're ok, and I ruined everything, listen can we--"

Her hands clasped the sides of his cheeks. She leaned in and her lips smashed against his'.

She pulled back without a sound. He stood there with the most dumbfounded expression in all the nine realms. His mouth gaped open, eyes squinted as he tried to process what just happened.

"Say something sappy again and I'll slap you!" She exclaimed.

He nodded.

"You promised me milkshakes. Let's go."

She held out her hand. He took it.

They headed out. She was grinning ear to ear. He was still in a state of shock. As they finally reached the exit, Leah saw one of the employees from the backstage area rush up to the attendant and say:

"Tell the crew to close off the last hallway! I don't know what happened but the animatronic got completely destroyed!"
Hey Hey Kevin by GoldenGirl954
Hey Hey Kevin
I tried a bit of digital art since I couldn't get the scenario of what could potentially happen if Kevin and Rick ever met out of my head. I imagine that Rick would drunkenly try to give advice and Kevin would have none of that. 
Yeah I know my art's not that good but I wanted to give it a try. 
The child who would become Spain did not know who his father was. His mother had made sure she would take it to her grave.

Although Rome had been dead for more than four centuries, his rule had left Hispania bitter. Though not a proper state, she had been the guardian of the tribes who dwelt in the peninsula . Going where the wind would take her, she traveled from the cold mountains of the north to the hot dry lands of the south. She visited rural villages and magnificent city states alike, offering her assistance to those who needed it. A few months to a few years later, she would wander about again. The mortals had many names for her: The Traveller, Goddess, Green Eyed One, The Wandering Maiden, Horse Woman, but she requested that they call her Mother.

And she lived as she pleased until Rome and Carthage decided that her land was ripe for picking.

He had tricked her, claiming that he'd free her from Carthage's threat. But when the son of Phoenicia lay dead, Rome made his intentions clear. Her tribes rallied and she fought alongside them against the new, more powerful threat.

As the wars raged on, Rome's army only grew more victorious. Cornered on all sides, Hispania was forced to surrender.

She never forgave nor forgot.

"The bastard," she spat whenever she heard his name.

The boy did not understand her hatred for the once mighty empire. Rome had been like a god. No other state experienced such great success like he did. To have an empire like him as a father would be a great honor.

Spain made the mistake of asking Hispania if Rome was his father.

"Mother?" He asked. "Was Rome my father?"

"I did not let him touch me. I would have taken a knife to him like a butcher with sausage if it even crossed his mind," she replied.

He decided not to ask her again.
Mother led son by the hand through the busy streets in one of the many cities of the south. The Ummayyad Empire was paying a visit to the peninsula and as a custom, all personified nations in his territory had to check in with him.

A sweet scent tickled Spain's nose. He turned to see a stand that sold almond pastries. His mouth watered.

Hispania smiled down at her son and handed him two coins.

"Go on. Buy one."

He walked over to the stand and looked up at the seller, a man from North Africa.

Can I have an almond pastry?

The words that rolled out of his mouth were not in The Romance tongue. It was a strange language that clicked with long stretched out vowels. He let out a gasp, nearly covering his mouth with his hand.

The seller handed him the sweet, not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

"Have a good day little lord," he said in the same language that Spain had just spoke.

Normally chatty, Spain was quiet as he ate his pastry.

"You're nervous aren't you," Hispania said.

"Yes," he fibbed, not sure how to explain the sudden change that happened.

They had reached the palace and went into the throne room. Ummayyad, a tall, handsome man, splendidly dressed, with dark brown hair and a beard to match looked up from a conversation with his guards. Spain hid behind his mother's skirts, peeking out to see the man approach her.

"Hispania!" He exclaimed in Romance. "What a pleasure to see you!"

He kissed her hand before turning to his guards to order them out. He spoke in his native tongue.

Spain could understand every single word he said.

His mother gave him a gentle push. Spain stepped out and looked up at the man he had not seen in at least twenty years.

"And Antonio!" The man kneeled and rubbed Spain's hair. "My oh my! You have grown!"

Spain realized that Ummayyad had switched back to the Romance language so that he could understand, but Spain was too shy to tell him that he had some knowledge of Arabic.
He paid his sisters Catalonia and Galicia and his brother Portugal a visit one day. They shared the same mother but were as different as they could be.

After a long day of play, the siblings relaxed in the garden. Spain, Portugal, and Catalonia sat in a circle underneath the apple tree. Galicia, who had not tired out, started to climb the tree.

"Careful up there!" Her twin brother Portugal called out.

"You worry too much," Galicia shouted.

"It's unladylike to climb trees," Catalonia added as she straightened her posture, and dusted off her skirts in an attempt to set a good example.

"I don't care!" Galicia made a face at her sister before grabbing the branch above her.

A silence fell upon the children. Spain saw his chance to ask what had always been on his mind:

"Nuria, Roxana, Christovao, do you know who your father is?"

Surprised and confused, his siblings turned towards him.

"Mother won't tell me," answered Nuria who was picking up blades of glass and flicking them about. "But I think it's the same man who fathered the Francis boy in the north."

"Gaul? Why him?"

"Haven't you noticed that some of my words are like his?" Nuria explained. "Like how some of my words are like yours, but not exactly the same? That's how I know."

"You can't go on language alone, looks also matter!" Roxana piped up as she swung about. "Take a look at me and Christovao. Not only do we sound similar, but we look the same. Your tongue may be like Francis' but you look nothing like him!"

"That's because you're twins," Nuria said. "And don't you remember Gaul had light brown hair? I have brown hair, Mother also has brown hair, so I could be his daughter."

"Why do you want to know Antonio?" Christovao asked.

"Aren't you curious about who your father might be?" Antonio responded.

"Why does it matter? Our father might have been a mortal. Just like Francis' mother. He's probably dead now."

Perhaps Portugal was right. Maybe his father had been just another human. Spain pushed the thought to the back of his mind and forgot about it.
The years passed. Spain had come of age. Talented in the arts of war and the study of letters, he found success in the kingdoms he pledged his services to in the north and south. Although uncertain of his destiny as a kingdom in the future, he always had an optimistic outlook on life.

In the middle of the fourteenth century, tragedy occurred. A horrible plague had struck Europe, leaving thousands of dead in its wake. His mother had fallen ill and not even the best of physicians could cure her.

He rushed back to the castle where she had lived for hundreds of years. He found that all his siblings had come and were waiting for him.

"She wants to talk to you," one of his sisters said.

Spain was shown into his mother's chambers.

" Antonio. Hijo mio," Hispania weakly reached out to him.

He clasped her hand trying to hold back tears. Black boils covered her arms and neck. Her face was pale and clammy, and she flitted in and out of consciousness as they spoke.

"You're can't die," Spain tried to keep his tone level but his voice cracked. "You can't! We're immune to this plague!"

"You are young and strong," she said. "I have lived for thousands of years. I have done my duty. Now it's your turn."

She coughed. Blood dripped from the sides of her mouth.

"I remember when you were a little boy," she whispered. "You were such a beautiful boy. So curious and eager to go out into the world. And now, you are a man. I am so proud of you."

She squeezed his hand.

"My son, do you remember what you asked me so long ago?"

"What Mother?"

"You asked me," she started. "Who your father was. I didn't want to tell you then. I'd fear how you would take it. But now, I think you'll understand."

The night was clear. Hispania stood out on the balcony. She gazed up at the stars above, lost in thought.

"The moon is lovely. The stars shine bright. But none of them are as beautiful as you."

She turned to see Ummayyad join her.

"Do you talk like this with every woman you meet?" She asked.

"I don't dear lady. My words are only for you."

"It will take more than declarations of love to woo me," She said.

"Then what am I supposed to do? Tell me."

"I don't take kindly to invaders who think that ruling my peninsula is their god given right."

"But it is a part of life, green eyed one. Men go to war, they conquer, and rule."

"Aye. But I am woman," she looked into his eyes for the first time since he addressed her. "I have no place in your world of war and conquest. And I've seen what men like you can do."

"I would never hurt you. I swear on my honor."

"Honor," she let out a laugh. "Honor? You must be very young. Since when have empires ever been honest?"


"Don't make excuses. You are all the same. Kings, emperors, nations, and empires. They become blinded by their own arrogance and power, thinking that they are invincible. One day young man, you will fall. Just as I one day will die."

"I could prove myself," he said. "I could prove to you that I'm not like them."


"I'll do anything," he stuttered. "Anything for you my lovely gazelle. Any wish, any dream, say it and I gladly will do for you."

Her hand cupped her chin as she studied him. He eagerly met her gaze, waiting for her answer. Finally she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I have many wishes Ummayyad. And not all of them can be met. Only time will tell."

She clutched the sides of her skirts and started to head back into the palace.

"I have enjoyed this chat," she said. "It has been long since I have had good company. Perhaps we shall meet again?"

"Perhaps?" He was confused.

"You're still like the others but there's one thing that stands out," she said. "You're not dull."

Over a hundred years had passed. The army approached the city of Granada, anticipating the battle that was yet to come. Dreaming of spoils and riches, hoping that their bravery would be forever immortalized in song.

The man who had just taken on the name Spain kept his gaze forward, a solemn, almost heartbroken expression on his face. Nevertheless, he pulled on the reins and rode on.

"To victory!" The men yelled. "To victory!"

A fierce battle broke out. Spain however did not join in the fight. He diverted from the army, past the chaos, the cries of the dead and dying, and dismounted his horse in front of a white building close to the Alhambra. He took his sword out from its scabbard and entered.

He walked through the dark hallways; his sword at the ready in case of an ambush. But there was nobody to be found. The whole place had been deserted.

Suddenly there came a creak.

Spain leaned against the wall, his heart pounding rapidly. The sound of footsteps came from the opposite direction.

"Who's there?" Came a frail, yet familiar voice.

Spain froze. His teeth chattered as he tried to steady his breath. He shut his eyes, trying to hold back tears.

"Whoever you are come out and face me!"

Spain took one step out and pointed his sword straight at the figure before him.

It was a middle aged man. He would have been a mirror image of the youth if there hadn't been streaks of grey in his hair and beard and if his eyes weren't a deep chestnut brown.

Father and son stared at each other. Ummayyad put his hands up as if to surrender.

"Antonio my son," he mournfully said. "Has it really come to this?"

Spain started to sob. His arm shook as he inched closer.

"How many years have passed since we've last seen each other? Two hundred? The last time I saw you, you were just a boy."

The newly formed kingdom struggled to see through his tears. He gripped his sword so tightly that his hand was turning red.

"You must hate me," Ummayyad sighed. "I do not blame you. You must think that you were just another of my many children. I wish I could have had a bigger role in your life. But perhaps…it is better this way. We are strangers of the same blood."

There was a tense pause. Spain swung his sword in whatever direction his arm moved, nearly stumbling on his feet.

"You are so young and so strong," Ummayyad whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek. "I was once like you. And now, look at how far I've sunk."

The older man held his hand out, as if to pat his son's head like he did so long ago.

"I love you Antonio. No father could ask for a better son. May Allah guide you wherever your life leads."

Spain let out a bloodcurdling scream. He lunged at Ummayyad with his sword raised high and ran it right through his chest.
Lately I've found that fanfic wise I've been doing well on AO3. Not that there's no readers here on DA, but it's been easier to find an audience for certain fandoms that are obscure on AO3. 

And even though I still upload fics here, I've noticed that many people I know here have gone in their own directions. Dropped fandoms. Changed fandoms. I've done the same myself. It's not a bad thing; people change all the time. 

Even though I don't pop by and update often, it doesn't mean I'm leaving DA. I'm still here. 


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