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A dramatic reading of the very first fanfic I ever wrote back in 2009. How incredibly embarrassing. It was a Ben 10 one. Heads up for the swearing.…
Fridays at the Levin household was always pizza night. They ordered from the pizzeria down the block and ate at 7:00 sharp. For the couple who often had to work over time and travel, Fridays became the unofficial date night.  Kevin and Gwen were sitting on the living room couch, watching TV.

"You seem awfully smiley today," Kevin remarked.

"Yep," Gwen leaned into him. She put her hand on top of his'. She wasn't paying attention to the screen which was playing a commercial. He wasn't either.

"Any particular reason why?" She felt his lips brush against her hair. He kissed the top of her head.

"Yep," she said again.

"Are you going to turn this into a guessing game?" He asked with a smile.

"Maybe so. Maybe not. What do you want?"

"Let's see if I can figure it out."

Gwen took his hand and placed it on her belly.

"You're still hungry?" He asked. "You ate like five slices of pizza. That was half the pie."

"No but you're on the right track," She took his hand and moved it a bit lower.

"I like where this is going," Kevin smirked.

"Ke-vin," Gwen said in an annoyed sing-song tone. "Think about where my hand is."

"It's on your stomach."

"It's not my stomach."

"It's your lower stomach."

"Well what's in my lower stomach?"

"Give me a clue."

"You never really paid attention in health class did you," she said with a sigh.

"Let's try something different," he suggested.

"Ok," Gwen thought for a second. "I took a test today."

"What type of test?"

"It came out positive."

There was a pause. Kevin's expression changed. His lips parted from a smile to an "o." His brown eyes widened.

"You're pregnant?" He asked quietly.

"I am," she answered.

He pulled away from her and sat in a daze.

"Kevin?" She asked, a bit worried. "You ok?"

"Oh my god, you're pregnant," he looked down at his hands as if they held a baby. "You're actually pregnant."

He gazed at her and he let out the biggest grin she ever saw.

"Truth, I'm kinda both scared and really really happy right now," He admitted. "I didn't except it to be so soon, but I'm gonna be a dad! I'm gonna be a dad! We're gonna have a baby!"

Kevin reached over and hugged Gwen. He held her tightly, rocking her back and forth. She let her head rest on his shoulder, feeling a warmth build up in her body. She had felt this connection--a relaxing, intense, and loving sensation many times before in the fourteen years she had been with Kevin, but now it was the strongest she had ever felt. For a second, she thought she felt three heartbeats: hers', his', and the baby's beat at the same time.
On Sunday, Kevin and Gwen had a family lunch. They invited their parents, Grandpa Max, Ben, Ken and his family, Aunt Sandra and Uncle Carl, and Rook. Everybody pitched in. Ben was in charge of the drinks; he came with five different types of soda and juice. For the appetizers, Rook brought pigs in a blanket, which was one of the many earth foods he had grown to love. Natalie and Frank brought mozzarella sticks. Grandpa Max brought buffalo wings, which were actually edible. Sandra had made her infamous tofu squares while Carl brought chips and dip, knowing that no one would eat the squares. Kevin and Gwen made the main meal: hamburgers and fries, while Kevin's parents brought in mac n cheese as a side. For dessert Ken's family brought cookies, brownies, and ice cream.

They sat around the living room and talked about current things and past stories as they munched on appetizers. A football game was on the TV but no one really payed attention. Kevin, Gwen, and Ben also played with their niece and nephew: a one year old and a three year old. They were joined by Rook who was just as close to the kids as they were. No one seemed to notice that Kevin and Gwen were paying close attention to the kids. It if their parental instincts had already started to kick in. After an hour, it was time for lunch.

There were sixteen plates set up at the table.

"So someone else is coming?" Ben asked as they dug in.

"Yes," Gwen said.

Thirty minutes passed. Everyone was enjoying their meal.

"Your other guest isn't here yet," Natalie said in between bites of hamburger and mac n cheese. "They're going be missing out on all this food."

"Oh don't worry. He or she will get here," Kevin told her. No one seemed to pick up on that Kevin said "he or she" when referring to the person.

It was the end of lunch. People were either sitting around the table or helping to clear up. Grandpa Max eyed the empty plate, which had not been picked up.

"Your guest is not coming."

Gwen was sitting at the table. Kevin was taking out the ice cream from the fridge.

"Not today," Kevin said as he closed the refrigerator door.

"Not today?" Rook piped up, confused.

"And it's not a guest," Gwen added.

Kevin put the containers of ice cream on the table. He walked over to Gwen.

"What do you mean by not a guest?" Frank asked.

"Someone's going to be living with us," Gwen said.

"Who?" Sandra asked as she carried a platter of cookies to the table.

"We don't know," Kevin said. "Yet."

"How do you guys not know yet?" Ben turned around from the football game on TV.

"It'll take time. Not for at least another eight months."

The room fell silent.

"You're pregnant?" Caroline asked Gwen.

She nodded.

"I'm six weeks along."

Suddenly the couple was overwhelmed all at once. Kevin's parents, the first time grandparents were nearly crying from joy as they pulled Kevin and Gwen into a tight embrace. Gwen's parents clung to their daughter and loosely put their arms around Kevin.  Ken, the first time uncle, wrapped his arms around his sister, and put a hand on Kevin's shoulder to pull him into the hug. Ben wrapped his arms around them in a near squeeze, as he let out "oh my gods." Rook warmly hugged Gwen and Kevin as he offered his congratulations. Sandra and Carl also warmly embraced Kevin and Gwen, Sandra offering advice like the good aunt she was. And Grandpa Max gathered everyone into a group hug.

"I'd never thought I'd live long enough to see great grandkids," Max started. "But here I am with two," he lifted up Ken's kids who were sitting by him. "And I've got another on the way." He beamed at Kevin and Gwen.

"Congratulations to you both!" He exclaimed. "Let me tell you from my experience as a father and a grandfather, there's nothing so rewarding and special as raising a kid. And knowing you two, you will make great parents. May your days be filled with love and joy and enjoy every moment of it!"

The others started to cheer. Kevin had put his hand around Gwen and pulled her in close.
It was late at night., around ten. The last guest had left about only three hours earlier. Kevin and Gwen lay in bed, tired.

"I've already started to think of baby names," Gwen said.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Megan for a girl," she said. "Not sure for a boy, but Maxwell would be a good middle name."

"I like the name Megan," he said. "It rhymes. Megan Levin. I like it. How about my mom's name for the middle?"

"Megan Caroline Levin," Gwen thought it over. "It's nice. Has a charm to it."

"How about Devlin for a boy?"

Devlin. It sounded a lot like Devin. Devin had been the name given to Kevin's father. He had believed it was true for many years until The Rooters revealed that Devin had never existed and that they planted the false memories in Kevin, his mother Caroline, and Max to further their plans. Kevin had not since brought up the subject of his father since.


"I want to honor him."

"But Dev--"

"I know he doesn't exist," Kevin said. "He never has, but the idea of him did. Someone who would love me, care for me, someone to look up to. I've never had a father figure during my childhood. I don't even know who my real dad was. They messed up with my mom's memories so bad that it got to a point where there's this big gap between the day I was born and the day she got married to Harvey. Maybe the photo is real, and it was some British guy who died. Maybe it was Harvey. I'll never know. But I can't spend the rest of my time thinking of what could have been. I'm not going to mope around all day you know?"

He reached out and took her hand.

"When I found out we were going to have a baby, I was scared. I've wondered if I was able to take care of a kid. And then I realized, this is my chance. I don't have a dad, but I can be the dad that I've always dreamed of. I can be like him. I can be like Devin.  I'll give our kid the love and support that I never got. To make sure that they are happy and safe. To help and guide them.  And I'll be there from the very first cry to the first day of school, and beyond. Til the end of the world."

Kevin's voice was choked up. Gwen leaned over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"And I love our kid," Kevin let go of her hand and placed it on her slightly rounder stomach. "I love our baby boy or girl already. Max's right you know. About being a parent. I can feel it. I can feel this love and its so strong."

"I know," she moved closer to him. "I feel it too. You're gonna be a great dad."

"And you'll be an amazing mom," he rubbed her belly.

The feeling washed over Gwen again. It stirred in her heart and spread throughout. She felt it move around her in womb, seep into Kevin's hand, relaxing her muscles and letting her sink back into the bed. Her heart pounded. She heard his' beat in time with hers'. And the baby's though not as strong yet, she could feel inside of her.

The couple snuggled close together until they started to feel sleepy. Kevin turned off the light on the night table.

"Night G," he whispered.


He kissed her goodnight and gave her stomach one last rub. Gwen fell asleep quickly, comforted by her love for her husband and child and by their love for her.
This idea just popped into my head and I had to write it down. I can imagine that Kev would try to be a good father because he didn't have a good father figure growing up. Also tried to factor in the events of the Rooters arc as well and still make the whole ideal dad idea connect to Kevin's choice. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this!
I am working on a Ben 10 fanfic right now and I'm going back and forth between a few decisions so this is where you guys come in

Do you guys want a universe where The Rooters arc never happened,or where some events from the arc never occurred? Like Devin is still Kevin's father, was murdered, but the only change is that The Rooters sent Ragnarok to kill him?

And Ken is cannonly Gwen's brother?
The team of villains sat at the table in the middle of the secret room in Latveria. At the head, was Magneto, former foe of the Xmen. He gazed out at his partners: Doctor Doom, Loki, Amora the Enchantress, and Deadpool.

"What I propose," he started. "Is a succession of direct attacks. We will draw Red Skull to us and then overpower him once and for all!"

"That's sounds really boring and predictable," Loki piped up. "Do it once and the enemy will be surprised. Do it again and they will be prepared to strike back. How many of you have done a direct attack on your enemy in the past?"

Everyone's hand shot up.

"See my point," Loki gestured.

"Then what do you propose?" The Enchantress asked him.

"What I would suggest," Loki started. "Is something new. Daring. Crafty. We won't draw him out. Red Skull won't come to us. We will go to him."
Two Weeks Later
The tent was packed to maximum capacity. Most of the crowd, people from the surrounding towns, sat on the benches that surrounded the ring.  A special booth in the balcony was reserved for Red Skull and his loyal followers.

In a small command center, a few blocks away, Magneto and Doctor Doom watched the scene through the feed on the computer. They had installed several secret cameras in the tent beforehand.

"Targets are present," Magneto spoke into the microphone as he saw Red Skull and his lackeys take their seats.

"I've never seen a circus before," a high pitched voice piped up. It was Valeria, Doom's three year old niece who was sitting in the third chair. "Uncle Doom are you sure we can't sit in the audience?"

"Trust me child. It is safer here," Doom replied.

The lights started to dim and went to pitch black.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls of all ages!"

The spotlight focused over the ring. Black feathers started to fall from overhead. The audience focused on the curtain that led to backstage, expecting it to open to reveal the speaker, but then a figure appeared from thin air at the top of the tent roof. He slowly started to float down, his arms held out, majestic and godlike, the feathers surrounding him. The audience let out a gasp. Loki gracefully landed on the ground and glanced up. He had dressed for the part: wearing the ringmaster's red coat, a white shirt with a red bow tie, and black leggings that fit his shapely legs. His hair had been dyed a shocking orange with black streaks, his eyes made up to resemble the wings of a bird, his nails painted black.

"Welcome to The Magnificent Traveling Circus!" Loki paused to let the audience applaud and cheer. "I am your host tonight! Serrure! And I would love to entertain you tonight si vous plait"

It was clear he had put on a French accent and was milking it for all it was worth.

"Come! Feast your eyes on the most daring and spectacular feats ever performed in the history of mankind! Let us forget your troubles and take you to a place beyond your wildest dreams! And now let the circus….begin!"
The first few performances passed. In between each, Loki entertained the audience with jokes, juggling, and other shenanigans.

"What's the difference between a smart frenchman and a unicorn?" Loki asked the audience as he juggled ten balls at once. He paused to let the audience shout out answers and then said:

"Nothing, they're both fictional characters."

The audience burst into laughter. Up on the balcony, the HYDRA guests were nearly falling out of their seats, laughing as if what they heard was the funniest thing in the world. Red Skull pounded his fist on the armrest as he manically cackled, cross-eyed.

"Does he have to resort to such cheap humor," Magneto sighed as he looked on from the control booth.

"Whatever makes us seem less suspicious goes," Doctor Doom said.

"Uncle Doom? Can you pass the popcorn?" Valeria asked.

The dictator of Latveria handed over a bowl of popcorn. He then leaned over to the microphone.

"Wilson, this is your cue," he said.

Loki skipped a few times in his spot and then removed his hat and held it out. All the balls fell inside. The audience clapped. The trickster god took a bow and put the hat back on his head.

"Ladies and Gentlemen don't take that smile off your face just yet! We've got more silliness headed your way! I present to you----Willie The Clown!"

A honking sound was heard from backstage. Deadpool, clad in a typical clown outfit and heavily covered in makeup to hide his tumors, rode out into the ring on a tiny tricycle. He waved to the audience. Upbeat music started to play. Deadpool got off the bike and waddled to the center, tripping a few times on his shoes. The mercenary started to dance. His moves were wacky and did not fit the music at all. Then another clown dressed in a gorilla outfit came out and took Deadpool by the hand. The two started to waltz, the gorilla leading Deadpool around. The audience roared. The person in the gorilla outfit dipped Deadpool and the mercenary closed his eyes and puckered up his lips. All of the sudden his eyes opened and bulged.  Deadpool gave a shout and jumped out of the embrace, as if he realized that he had been dancing with a gorilla.

"Ok that's funny!" Valeria giggled.

Deadpool ran around the ring, chased by the clown in the gorilla suit, screaming at the top of his lungs. He grabbed a pie and threw it at the gorilla. But he tripped on his shoes and it landed on his face. He attempted again and hit himself with the pie. Deadpool began to throw more items: balls, boxes, hula hoops. But he got caught in the hula hoops, tripped on the box, and threw the ball backwards. But Deadpool's movements were not random. He had been playing his part as a clown, but really was preparing for the attack that would take place during the finale. The box contained guns and Deadpool placed it in an area that he could easily access them. The balls and hula hoops while not weapons, could still be used. Finally Deadpool plopped to the ground. He covered his face, fearing that the gorilla would strike.

Loki walked into the ring, eating a banana. He approached Deadpool and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Why are you so scared?" Loki asked. "The gorilla only wants to be your friend."

Deadpool hid behind Loki as the gorilla approached them. Loki reached into his pocket and pulled out a banana. He gave it to the gorilla who mimed eating it.

"Would you like a bit of banana?" Loki held out the banana he had been eating to Deadpool. "Would you like a bit? Abitte?"

In the control  booth, both Magneto and Doctor Doom stared at the screen.

"You know as much French as I do, do you Doom?" Magneto asked Doom.

"I do," Doom answered.

"So what did he say?" Valeria piped up.

"Nothing my dear niece," Doom hastily said. He muttered something under his breath about the circus was supposed to be a family show.

"You see this is what I mean by cheap humor!" Magneto pointed to the screen.

Back at the circus Loki had the gorilla and Deadpool shake hands. The gorilla shook Deadpool's hand so vigorously that he was almost flung from the gorilla's grasp. Deadpool then ran over to his tricycle and rode out, followed by the gorilla. The audience applauded.

Magneto watched on the screen and then leaned into the microphone.

"Good job."
It was intermission. The ring was empty; most of the audience had gone out to buy snacks. Only the HYDRA booth was full and they were conversing amongst themselves while drinking wine specially prepared by Amora the Encantress and her sister Lorelei the Seductress. The wine was stronger than most alcoholic drinks and also carried a charm to make them fixated on the events of the circus, unaware that outside, a band of Latverian soldiers were starting to gather around the tent.

"Good he took the bait," Magneto said as he watched Red Skull sip from his wine glass.

"Place all Doombots in position," Doctor Doom ordered over the microphone. "And lay low until the finale."

Magneto stood up and stretched.

"I haven't been to a circus in years," he said. "Not since I was a child. I must have been about six or seven. I can still remember every single bit. The booming voice of the ringmaster as he welcomed us, how big the lions, tigers, and elephants seemed, how amazed I was at the acrobats. I did not take my eyes off once. It was as if I had entered a magical world. It was one of my last happy memories for a long time."

Doom did not answer. He glanced over at Valeria who was drinking a can of soda.

"Don't drink too much," he told her.

"Did you go to the circus as a child?" Magneto asked.

"I don't remember," Doom said.

Backstage, Loki was giving a pep talk to Amora and Lorelei.

"Now I want everyone to take hands," Loki held out his hands to the two women. Lorelei took Loki's left hand, Amora Loki's right. They then joined their free hands together.

"Close your eyes," Loki started. "Block out all the noises around us. For a minute, just the minute, the circus does not exist. We are the only three beings here.  Concentrate on the sounds of your breaths, your beating heart, the feel of your partner's hand. Let everything go. Breath in. And out."

Lorelei and Amora had opened their eyes. They exchanged confused glances.

"Do you feel that? The pulsing energy in your veins? Let it flow from your hand to your partner's.  Doesn't it feel good? Doesn't it feel liberating? We are connected. Bonded. Bonded by this energy that flows through-"

"Loki what is this nonsense?" Amora asked.

She and Lorelei broke off from the circle.

"It's a trust building exercise," Loki explained. "It helps bring good vibes. Very popular nowadays."

"Cut the crap out!" Lorelei said in an annoyed tone. "What's it really for?"

"Good vibes. Good vibes," Loki said. "And to help with your sibling rivalry."

The two sisters only glared at him.

"It works! It does!" Loki exclaimed. "Ever since I've let go of all my negative feelings, my relationship with Thor has improved dramatically!"

"Oh really?"

Loki paused.

"Not completely but look it's your cue!" Loki motioned towards the ring. Amora and Lorelei headed off.

It was pitch black. The spotlight turned on to focus on Amora and Lorelei who stood on opposite ends of a tightrope. Creature Feature's Greatest Show Unearthed started to play. The two started to walk towards each other, in time to the music.  They met at the middle and grabbed hands. They jumped up and Lorelei let go. She did a flip and landed back on the rope. Amora did a cartwheel and Lorelei grabbed hold of her legs. Amora got on Lorelei's shoulders and held her arms up. The tightrope started to disintegrate and two sets of trapezes appeared from opposite sides of the ring. Amora grabbed onto the trapeze and the two swung. Lorelei reached her feet up and hooked her legs onto the other trapeze.

The two sisters swung back and forth, grabbing hands in the middle and pushing off. The audience watched in awe, oohing and aahing at every move. Soon the swinging back and forth turned into dangling from the trapeze by one limb, balancing on top, flinging into the air to be caught by the other.

"That's amazing!" Valeria exclaimed as she watched on the screen. "I wish I could do stuff like that!"

Lorelei attempted to do a flip during one of the stunts. She reached out to grab Amora's hand but she was too far from her. She began to plummet to the ground.

"Oh no!" Valeria shouted.

"This is bad! This is bad!" Magneto nervously clutched his seat. "We can't lose any of our team!"

In the ring, the circusgoers let out a gasp. Lorelei was falling at a fast speed. Although the ground was covered in a protective mat, it was not able to cushion a serious fall.  Below, Loki motioned to nearby crew to grab more mats. Lorelei frantically waved her arms and legs, her eyes wide with fear, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Then Amora swooped down and grabbed Lorelei by the waist. She pulled her sister close to the empty trapeze. Lorelei grabbed on.

The audience burst into cheers. So did the two villains and little girl in the control booth.

"End the act! End the act!" Doctor Doom shouted through the mic.

Lorelei and Amora descended from the ladders and met at the center of the ring. To overwhelming applause they took their bows. Amora led Lorelei out, her arm around her.

"You're safe!"

Loki ran up to the sisters and hugged them tightly.

"I'm so glad! That was magnificent! Fantastic! I knew sisterly love would save the day!"

He kissed them. Amora and Lorelei rolled their eyes.

"Get out of our way!" Amora dragged Lorelei away from him. The next act, a lion taming act was able to begin. Loki rushed out.
An hour had passed. The finale had arrived.

"This is it! Everyone at the ready!" Magneto shouted into the microphone. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes!" Deadpool and Amora's voices came from the computer. Amora was outside with the troops. Deadpool was backstage.

"Valeria! Fire up the teleporter!" Doom stood up.

"On it!" Valeria was at the other computer, typing in numbers. The machine beeped and flashed purple lights.

"Loki will distract the audience as you sneak in," Magneto told the others. "The cue to attack is Deadpool hand me the rope Got it?"

"Yes sir!"

Meanwhile in the tent, a drumroll played as Loki stepped on from backstage for the last time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have reached the end! But do not worry! There is one more surprise for you!"

Outside the tent, the troops and doombots started to emerge from their hiding places. Amora stood by the entrance, checking to see if the coast was clear.

"What you will witness is a feat so extraordinary that it is not to be believed! A feat of bravery! Sheer willpower! You will laugh! You will cry! You will be filled with awe!"

A bleating sound was heard. The spotlight focused on Deadpool who had entered the ring.  He was leading a goat by a long rope that was tied to its beard.  Deadpool went over to the box and took his place. He motioned to the goat to stand still.

"A goat!" One of the HYDRA soldiers shouted from the balcony. He started to laugh.

Loki smirked.

"This early and I'm already doing my job? I am a good ringmaster," he said.

Amora's voice came over the intercom.

"Stop him!" She exclaimed.

"He knows what he's doing!" Doctor Doom answered. "It's a part of the plan."

"You have to stop him! You don't know what he's going to do to himself! Loki is about to--"

The audience's laughter turned into gasps and shouts. The two super villains and little girl looked over at the screen. Magneto's eyes bulged. Doctor Doom covered Valeria's eyes.

"This is a family show!" Doom shouted.

"Your concern for morals and values is strangely admirable but we should head to the teleporter!" Magneto told him.

In the balcony several of Red Skull's advisors had gathered in front of him, shielding his view. Even though as shocked as they were, the potion they had drank prevented them from leaving, like a good part of the audience was doing.

"Well that takes care of casualties," Loki muttered under his breath, hands on his bare hips. "At least the tent's warm."

He glanced up at the audience that remained.

"I will be reenacting an ancient trial. Attempted by the god Loki of Norse fame. I'm surprised none of you up there," Loki gazed up at the balcony. "With your obsession with Germanic pagan myths and legends did not recognize it. What a shame."

Loki held his hand out.

"Deadpool hand me the rope!"

Doctor Doom and Magneto stood in the teleporter. Valeria pressed a button on the keyboard. They vanished into thin air. Deadpool untied the rope from the goat and threw it at Loki. He pulled out two guns and bombs from the box. He threw a smoke bomb at the balcony. The rope that Loki caught turned into a sword. He posed, pointing the sword at the soldiers. From the outside The troops and doombots stormed in, led by Amora. Magneto and Doctor Doom appeared in the ring.

"It's over Red Skull!" Magneto shouted.

The attack began. Red Skull and his minions were taken by surprise. Magento's team won.
The Magnificent Traveling Circus
I had been working on this fanfic for the past few weeks. Mostly I got sidetracked due to school and other fics but here it is!
If you're interested the song that Amora and Lorelei perform to is this:…
And Loki's stunt at the end is based on an actual myth. What happens in it does explain Amora's concern. I will warn you it's disturbing.
Read it here:…
And still going strong! :XD:

I remember how excited I was when I first got this account. I think I uploaded five fanfics in one day. And here I am, still writing fanfic for shows I love
I am working on a Ben 10 fanfic right now and I'm going back and forth between a few decisions so this is where you guys come in

Do you guys want a universe where The Rooters arc never happened,or where some events from the arc never occurred? Like Devin is still Kevin's father, was murdered, but the only change is that The Rooters sent Ragnarok to kill him?

And Ken is cannonly Gwen's brother?


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