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March 1984: Rooters Headquarters. Location Classified

"When did you graduate from The Plumber Academy?"

"Two months ago."

The leader of The Rooters, Hector Sirvantis, looked over Devin's files. The nineteen year old British Plumber tapped his foot as he glanced about the room. Dimly lit, almost bare except for the desk, chairs, and file cabinet on the left side, it reflected the Spartan values of the black ops team.

"Born December fifth 1964, in London, England. Mother was a teenager from the East End, father unknown. Grew up in children's homes and boarding schools. Expressed interest in space from early age and was talented in math and science. Became aware of the Plumbers after an alien attack on your school when you were fifteen. Accepted to the Plumber's Academy at age seventeen. One of the brightest in your class, exceptionally skilled at weapons handling and piloting. And now, you are here."

Proctor Sirvantis set down the files.

"We have been looking for a man like you Mr. Levin. You are exactly what this team needs. A good, loyal soldier."

June 1984: Rooters Headquarters. Location Classified

He lay on the examining table. A nurse hovered over him. A pair of hands put sensor monitors on his face. From the corner of his eye, he saw Proctor Sirvantis enter the room.

"This will really give me powers Doc?" Devin asked him.

"You will become the greatest soldier the universe has ever seen," Sirvantis told him. He reached over to the cart and grabbed a syringe and filled it.

"This may hurt a little," he warned.

"Should we give him anesthesia?" The nurse asked Sirvantis.

"No," Sirvantis said. "I want him to feel every single moment of it."

Sirvantis lowered the syringe into Devin's arm. At first he only felt a little prick, but then Sirvantis pushed down on the plunger. Devin let out a scream. It felt like hot lava had been injected into his veins.  It surged throughout his body, burning everything in its path. He felt as if bones had been burnt into a crisp, his insides condensed to a puddle that sloshed around his rib cage and stomach...

He violently thrashed on the table.

"Hold him down!"

His eyes rolled back into his head. He choked, feeling his throat close up and his lungs constrict. It was killing him. He knew it. This poison was killing him….

And then he awoke with a jolt.

He still was on the table. His body was not on fire; it was back to its normal temperature. He was calm, refreshed, like he had woken up from a good night's sleep.

"Agent Levin?"

He slowly sat up, fearing that he would become dizzy. He didn't.

"Are you ok?"

"I am," Devin exclaimed. "I feel great!."

Sirvantis grinned. It was the first time Devin had seen him smile. It didn't suit the head of The Rooters at all. It stretched too wide and his teeth were crooked. It almost seemed threatening.

"Good. I want you to take this wire in your hand."

A gloved hand held out a wire to Devin. It was steaming and sparks of electricity sizzled at the ends. He didn't think. He grabbed it.

He felt the electricity flow into his skin.

It wasn't like the fire from earlier. It didn't burn. It ran its course like a river throughout his veins. His muscles tensed up, his heart beat started to pick up pace.  His breaths came out in gasps, but not because he couldn't breath. His eyes widened; an unexplainable bliss washed over him. He felt strong.  He felt more alive than ever. He felt powerful

"Hold out your hand."

Devin did so. A burst of flames emerged. Devin let out a shrill laugh. He aimed it at the wall which caught on fire. He rocked back and forth, manically cackling at the top of his lungs.


Mastering these powers came easily to him. He was a quick learner and quick to adapt. All he needed was one touch. From electrical sockets, light bulbs, wires, even lightening powered him up. His fingers tingled as he took down his targets, shooting volts at energy in the form of flames, lassos, and bullets.

It felt good. Energy felt so good. It filled him up more than a banquet full of his favorite foods ever could. Made him more alert than the deepest sleep.  Made him stronger than the strictest workout in the universe. Gave him thrill more pleasurable than any orgasm could ever bring him too. It was everything needed to survive handed to him in one flowing current.  

And so he spent hours going through all sources of electricity in his apartment. No appliance or lightbulb was spared. And the more he drained, the higher he got. The lights flickered and blacked- out, blisters and burns covered his hands, smoke filled the air, but he didn't care. He wanted more. He needed more.

He was The Rooters' best kept secret. The one who took the enemies by surprise. He delivered the final blows. And he knocked them down, shocking them and shocking them until they couldn't move. And then they were carried away, by the leg or collar. Alive or dead, it didn't matter. Those bastards were nothing. They were scum. The lowest scum of the universe.

He was a hero. He was a god. He was invincible

April 1986: Plumbers Headquarters. Bellwood California

"Magister Tennyson," Devin approached the older Plumber and extended his hand.

Max Tennyson took it in a firm grasp. They shook.

"Welcome," Magister Tennyson said. "It's been long since I had a partner to work with. Not since '73."

"I won't disappoint you sir," Devin said.

"So you've spent time with The Rooters," Max said. "What made you decide to transfer? I heard that working with them is a once in a life time experience."

"You are to report back to us every month," Sirvantis told him. "We are only allowing you to branch out because we recognize that the other Plumbers could benefit from our work. Remember boy, a Rooter never leaves his team. Once you join, you are a member for life. Our missions come first before the other units."

"Yes sir," Devin saluted.

"Sometimes you just need to broaden your horizons," Devin answered.

"So you're an Osmosian?" Max asked him.

Devin paused.

"Sir? Why am I listed as 'Osmosian' here?" Devin glanced over his Plumber files.

"It is easier to pass off your skills as an alien identity," Sirvantis said. "There are so many extraterrestrial species that no one will give you a second thought. And it helps that you were a nobody in the first place. Don't you want to have a new start Agent Levin?"

"Yes. That's why I joined The Plumbers. But there's no reason to cover up who I am. I'm human. I always was and always will be. You don't need to change that.

"Agent Levin you do not understand. We need to keep it a secret."

"I get that you don't want the other Plumbers to know about the tests just yet, but that doesn't mean you can change my life story!" Devin objected.

"You are not human," Sirvantis curtly hissed. "You are Osmosian, a humanoid species from Osmos Five. Your family perished in the Osmosian Civil War and you fled to earth at a young age. This is your story and this is what you will tell your commanding officer. And if you do not comply you will face consequences. Do you understand?

Yes sir," Devin said with a hint of fear

"Yeah," Devin nervously smiled. "I don't remember life on Osmos. I came to the UK when I was five."

"Was it the war?" Max asked.

"Yeah," Devin's voice drifted off.

October 1987:Space

The warning shot had been fired. It echoed off the walls of the corridor. The thief sprinted, clinging to the briefcase that contained the stolen bomb. Max and Devin were in pursuit.  

"You are to drop the weapon and surrender!" Max shouted at the figure ahead.

"Leave this to me!" Devin exclaimed. He took off his gloves and grabbed onto his laser gun. He dropped it, a trail of energy forming from his hand. He threw his arm back,  zapping the energy right into the thief's back. The thief fell.

Devin's hand was shaking. Colors flashed before his eyes. Everything except the target was a blur. For a second all noises were blocked out except for the crackle of electricity in his veins.

Kill him! Kill him! A low ominous voice whispered in his ear.

The thief stirred, trying to sit up. But Devin pounced. He slammed the thief to the ground, his palm squeezing the thief's face. The thief let out a scream. And Devin's hands kept on shocking, his nails clawing at the skin, his fists sending punches to the head. And the thief continued to scream; the shrieks getting higher and higher until  Devin could not hear them anymore.

"Devin that's enough!"

Max Tennyson had yanked him away; strong arms holding him back. And Devin yelled, elbowed at Max's arms, wanting to finish his job. Wanting to make his prey suffer...

And then it was like he woke up.

Devin inhaled so quickly that he nearly choked. He went limp and did not struggle anymore. A team of medics had surrounded the body and had lifted it on a stretcher. It was covered in burns to the point where it was unrecognizable.

The horror and guilt tided him over. He stared down at his hands: pale, bruised, and covered in blood. He started to sob.

May 1988: Los Angeles California.

"Couldn't pay the electrical bill again?"

Devin and his girlfriend Caroline were standing in the hallway. No matter how many times she switched the light on and off, it wouldn't turn on.

The couple had gone out to dinner earlier. He didn't want to go out and eat, but he had to do something to prove to her that he was still interested. He hardly touched the food he ordered. He wasn't hungry; he felt no need for food. He only ate once a day; energy did the rest for him. They had come back to his place for a drink.

"Yeah," he lied. His head hurt. He could feel his hand twitch, knowing that he needed to recharge. But he couldn't now. Not when his girlfriend was over. No one could know.

He staggered over to the kitchen. He got out two bottles of beer from the fridge, trying to ignore the urge to suck out the last remaining light source in the apartment. It blinded him, it made his heart pound, his mouth water.

Drain it! Drain it!

But he slammed the door shut and darted back to the living room.

The lights turned back on.  The pangs came back stronger than ever. He needed energy. He needed it now But how could he drain without his girlfriend suspecting a thing?

His mind was blank at first. But then it came to him.

"Hey Care? Can we talk? There's something I need to tell you."

He took a seat on the couch beside her and handed her a bottle of beer.

"Sure? What is it?"

"You know about my job right?"

"Yeah. You're a plumber."

"I'm not just any plumber. I'm a part of this secret government backed organization called The Plumbers that fights aliens."

Caroline started to laugh.

"Are you already drunk?" She slapped her hand on her knees with her free hand. "Because it's not like you to say something like that!"

"No it's real. We--"

"That's a good one," she took a sip of beer. "That's a good one Dev!"

"I can prove it," he said. He reached over and grabbed the lamp on the table.

"Like what are you gonna do? Summon a UFO? Get your martian friends over? Phone--"

She let out a shriek, nearly dropping her bottle. Devin had absorbed the energy from the lightbulb and the electricity was steaming from his fingers. He rubbed them together, directing the energy to make a circle in the air. The flash of white light evaporated and he brought his hand down.

"S-so-- you're an alien?" She stuttered on her words as she gazed up at him in astonishment.

You are an Osmosian refugee. Your entire family was killed when a nuclear bomb wiped out your whole town. The refugee programs sent Osmosian children off the planet. The majority were sent to earth because it was most like Osmos

"Yeah," he lied with a grin.

August 1988: Rooters Headquarters. Location Classified

Devin was on the floor of the lab.  He feverishly lay on his back, convulsing like he had a seizure. None of the scientists or medics rushed over to his side. They were all in the other room attending to the other test subject.

He was sick. Something was wrong. It had started not long after Sirvantis started the new round of tests. Or did it start before that? Two years ago? Three?  From the first injection. He had no appetite. Everything made his stomach churn. He lost about twenty pounds. His skin was a deathly white and was so fragile that it could be pulled off of him. He couldn't sleep and spent nights pacing around his apartment. He saw things; devilish creatures parading before his eyes, a white light that stung his eyes. They whispered to him; making him do things that he would never consider in his right mind.

He heard an ear piercing scream from the other room. It was one of the other members of The Rooters. He also had been talked into joining the program. And now he was dying because the injections were just too much. He was younger than Devin, fresh out of the academy. Just a boy. A boy who had so much to live for, and now had his life ripped away from him because of this damned experiment.

It was going to kill his comrade. Then it would come for him. Devin couldn't lie to himself. If he didn't stop, he would die. Maybe he was dying right now.

Sirvantis entered the room. He removed his protective gloves, that dripped blood, and threw them in the garbage.

"Make it stop!" Devin screamed.

Sirvantis turned and glared at Devin.

"You should be grateful boy," he hissed.

"It's killing me!"

"I gave you opportunities! I turned you from nothing into something! And this is how you repay me?" Sirvantis' hand knocked over a beaker that sat on the counter. It crashed to the floor, the glass shattered and went flying. A shard cut against Devin's cheek.

"You killed him!" Devin howled. "You're killing me!"

Sirvantis glanced down at him in disgust. He exited the lab.

Devin screamed.

His body became numb. His vision was blurry. His mouth gaped open as he tried to gasp for air. He reached his arm out, trying to hang onto something. Anything.

It was then that the team of medics finally came to his aid. They surrounded him, hooking him to life support and lifted him to the stretcher. He was wheeled into the operating room. The last thing he could remember before the anesthesia kicked in was the bright light that hung above him.
A Vicious Cycle Part 1
I always wondered what would happen if Devin was a part of The Rooters and he got his powers from them. Personally I think The Rooters arc still should have kept Devin as Kevin's dad but what's done is done. 

I decided to split the fanfic into 2 parts. Part 2 should be up within a few days. 
A dramatic reading of the very first fanfic I ever wrote back in 2009. How incredibly embarrassing. It was a Ben 10 one. Heads up for the swearing.…
Fridays at the Levin household was always pizza night. They ordered from the pizzeria down the block and ate at 7:00 sharp. For the couple who often had to work over time and travel, Fridays became the unofficial date night.  Kevin and Gwen were sitting on the living room couch, watching TV.

"You seem awfully smiley today," Kevin remarked.

"Yep," Gwen leaned into him. She put her hand on top of his'. She wasn't paying attention to the screen which was playing a commercial. He wasn't either.

"Any particular reason why?" She felt his lips brush against her hair. He kissed the top of her head.

"Yep," she said again.

"Are you going to turn this into a guessing game?" He asked with a smile.

"Maybe so. Maybe not. What do you want?"

"Let's see if I can figure it out."

Gwen took his hand and placed it on her belly.

"You're still hungry?" He asked. "You ate like five slices of pizza. That was half the pie."

"No but you're on the right track," She took his hand and moved it a bit lower.

"I like where this is going," Kevin smirked.

"Ke-vin," Gwen said in an annoyed sing-song tone. "Think about where my hand is."

"It's on your stomach."

"It's not my stomach."

"It's your lower stomach."

"Well what's in my lower stomach?"

"Give me a clue."

"You never really paid attention in health class did you," she said with a sigh.

"Let's try something different," he suggested.

"Ok," Gwen thought for a second. "I took a test today."

"What type of test?"

"It came out positive."

There was a pause. Kevin's expression changed. His lips parted from a smile to an "o." His brown eyes widened.

"You're pregnant?" He asked quietly.

"I am," she answered.

He pulled away from her and sat in a daze.

"Kevin?" She asked, a bit worried. "You ok?"

"Oh my god, you're pregnant," he looked down at his hands as if they held a baby. "You're actually pregnant."

He gazed at her and he let out the biggest grin she ever saw.

"Truth, I'm kinda both scared and really really happy right now," He admitted. "I didn't except it to be so soon, but I'm gonna be a dad! I'm gonna be a dad! We're gonna have a baby!"

Kevin reached over and hugged Gwen. He held her tightly, rocking her back and forth. She let her head rest on his shoulder, feeling a warmth build up in her body. She had felt this connection--a relaxing, intense, and loving sensation many times before in the fourteen years she had been with Kevin, but now it was the strongest she had ever felt. For a second, she thought she felt three heartbeats: hers', his', and the baby's beat at the same time.
On Sunday, Kevin and Gwen had a family lunch. They invited their parents, Grandpa Max, Ben, Ken and his family, Aunt Sandra and Uncle Carl, and Rook. Everybody pitched in. Ben was in charge of the drinks; he came with five different types of soda and juice. For the appetizers, Rook brought pigs in a blanket, which was one of the many earth foods he had grown to love. Natalie and Frank brought mozzarella sticks. Grandpa Max brought buffalo wings, which were actually edible. Sandra had made her infamous tofu squares while Carl brought chips and dip, knowing that no one would eat the squares. Kevin and Gwen made the main meal: hamburgers and fries, while Kevin's parents brought in mac n cheese as a side. For dessert Ken's family brought cookies, brownies, and ice cream.

They sat around the living room and talked about current things and past stories as they munched on appetizers. A football game was on the TV but no one really payed attention. Kevin, Gwen, and Ben also played with their niece and nephew: a one year old and a three year old. They were joined by Rook who was just as close to the kids as they were. No one seemed to notice that Kevin and Gwen were paying close attention to the kids. It if their parental instincts had already started to kick in. After an hour, it was time for lunch.

There were sixteen plates set up at the table.

"So someone else is coming?" Ben asked as they dug in.

"Yes," Gwen said.

Thirty minutes passed. Everyone was enjoying their meal.

"Your other guest isn't here yet," Natalie said in between bites of hamburger and mac n cheese. "They're going be missing out on all this food."

"Oh don't worry. He or she will get here," Kevin told her. No one seemed to pick up on that Kevin said "he or she" when referring to the person.

It was the end of lunch. People were either sitting around the table or helping to clear up. Grandpa Max eyed the empty plate, which had not been picked up.

"Your guest is not coming."

Gwen was sitting at the table. Kevin was taking out the ice cream from the fridge.

"Not today," Kevin said as he closed the refrigerator door.

"Not today?" Rook piped up, confused.

"And it's not a guest," Gwen added.

Kevin put the containers of ice cream on the table. He walked over to Gwen.

"What do you mean by not a guest?" Frank asked.

"Someone's going to be living with us," Gwen said.

"Who?" Sandra asked as she carried a platter of cookies to the table.

"We don't know," Kevin said. "Yet."

"How do you guys not know yet?" Ben turned around from the football game on TV.

"It'll take time. Not for at least another eight months."

The room fell silent.

"You're pregnant?" Caroline asked Gwen.

She nodded.

"I'm six weeks along."

Suddenly the couple was overwhelmed all at once. Kevin's parents, the first time grandparents were nearly crying from joy as they pulled Kevin and Gwen into a tight embrace. Gwen's parents clung to their daughter and loosely put their arms around Kevin.  Ken, the first time uncle, wrapped his arms around his sister, and put a hand on Kevin's shoulder to pull him into the hug. Ben wrapped his arms around them in a near squeeze, as he let out "oh my gods." Rook warmly hugged Gwen and Kevin as he offered his congratulations. Sandra and Carl also warmly embraced Kevin and Gwen, Sandra offering advice like the good aunt she was. And Grandpa Max gathered everyone into a group hug.

"I'd never thought I'd live long enough to see great grandkids," Max started. "But here I am with two," he lifted up Ken's kids who were sitting by him. "And I've got another on the way." He beamed at Kevin and Gwen.

"Congratulations to you both!" He exclaimed. "Let me tell you from my experience as a father and a grandfather, there's nothing so rewarding and special as raising a kid. And knowing you two, you will make great parents. May your days be filled with love and joy and enjoy every moment of it!"

The others started to cheer. Kevin had put his hand around Gwen and pulled her in close.
It was late at night., around ten. The last guest had left about only three hours earlier. Kevin and Gwen lay in bed, tired.

"I've already started to think of baby names," Gwen said.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Megan for a girl," she said. "Not sure for a boy, but Maxwell would be a good middle name."

"I like the name Megan," he said. "It rhymes. Megan Levin. I like it. How about my mom's name for the middle?"

"Megan Caroline Levin," Gwen thought it over. "It's nice. Has a charm to it."

"How about Devlin for a boy?"

Devlin. It sounded a lot like Devin. Devin had been the name given to Kevin's father. He had believed it was true for many years until The Rooters revealed that Devin had never existed and that they planted the false memories in Kevin, his mother Caroline, and Max to further their plans. Kevin had not since brought up the subject of his father since.


"I want to honor him."

"But Dev--"

"I know he doesn't exist," Kevin said. "He never has, but the idea of him did. Someone who would love me, care for me, someone to look up to. I've never had a father figure during my childhood. I don't even know who my real dad was. They messed up with my mom's memories so bad that it got to a point where there's this big gap between the day I was born and the day she got married to Harvey. Maybe the photo is real, and it was some British guy who died. Maybe it was Harvey. I'll never know. But I can't spend the rest of my time thinking of what could have been. I'm not going to mope around all day you know?"

He reached out and took her hand.

"When I found out we were going to have a baby, I was scared. I've wondered if I was able to take care of a kid. And then I realized, this is my chance. I don't have a dad, but I can be the dad that I've always dreamed of. I can be like him. I can be like Devin.  I'll give our kid the love and support that I never got. To make sure that they are happy and safe. To help and guide them.  And I'll be there from the very first cry to the first day of school, and beyond. Til the end of the world."

Kevin's voice was choked up. Gwen leaned over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"And I love our kid," Kevin let go of her hand and placed it on her slightly rounder stomach. "I love our baby boy or girl already. Max's right you know. About being a parent. I can feel it. I can feel this love and its so strong."

"I know," she moved closer to him. "I feel it too. You're gonna be a great dad."

"And you'll be an amazing mom," he rubbed her belly.

The feeling washed over Gwen again. It stirred in her heart and spread throughout. She felt it move around her in womb, seep into Kevin's hand, relaxing her muscles and letting her sink back into the bed. Her heart pounded. She heard his' beat in time with hers'. And the baby's though not as strong yet, she could feel inside of her.

The couple snuggled close together until they started to feel sleepy. Kevin turned off the light on the night table.

"Night G," he whispered.


He kissed her goodnight and gave her stomach one last rub. Gwen fell asleep quickly, comforted by her love for her husband and child and by their love for her.
This idea just popped into my head and I had to write it down. I can imagine that Kev would try to be a good father because he didn't have a good father figure growing up. Also tried to factor in the events of the Rooters arc as well and still make the whole ideal dad idea connect to Kevin's choice. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this!
I am working on a Ben 10 fanfic right now and I'm going back and forth between a few decisions so this is where you guys come in

Do you guys want a universe where The Rooters arc never happened,or where some events from the arc never occurred? Like Devin is still Kevin's father, was murdered, but the only change is that The Rooters sent Ragnarok to kill him?

And Ken is cannonly Gwen's brother?
I am working on a Ben 10 fanfic right now and I'm going back and forth between a few decisions so this is where you guys come in

Do you guys want a universe where The Rooters arc never happened,or where some events from the arc never occurred? Like Devin is still Kevin's father, was murdered, but the only change is that The Rooters sent Ragnarok to kill him?

And Ken is cannonly Gwen's brother?


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